pentair intelliflo pump problem

tech101September 6, 2011

My intelliflo has been working fine for a year since it was installed and the parameters set by the installer. After I cleaned the filter and leaf basket(2 days ago), followed by backwash and rinse, I could not operate the vacuum or the kreepy krauly without the pump surging and going into service alert mode. The filter by itself works fine. The pentair phone tech said to reset the vacuum parameter from 34 to 25 and the filter from 28 to 10. This had no effect.

What setting(s) should I change to stop the surge from the extra pressure load, and why did this not happen before with the original settings?

Thank you for your help.

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Which Intelliflow do you have?


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Intelliflo VF, p/n 353011 3HP 230V 8.3A

This is all the info I could find.

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If you have automation/Easytouch or Intellitouch turn off the breaker to the panel for a few seconds then see if that clears it up...

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This could be as simple as the suction valve on the cleaner line needing opened up a bit more. The odds are the valve was adjusted for more flow as the filter or pump loaded up. Now that you backwashed or cleaned the basket, you sucking too much and the pump is restricting. Try closing the cleaner valve totally, letting the pump prime fully and then opening the cleaner valve to a level where the cleaner moves and the pump does not labor. This all assumes you don't have the cleaner on an automated valve. Beyond that, filters load up and parameters need changing in time if the filter is only backwashed and not fully torn down for cleaning.

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