white flakes in pool

familyguySeptember 8, 2007

About 4 weeks ago I overfilled my salt water pool and my pool guy said that I blew out all of the salt as well as other chemicals. Since then there has been tiny white flakes in the pool. I have cleaned out the pool filter but still the flakes are there. When the pool guy put salt into the pool he used a different kind of salt than was given to me by the pool builder. Has anyone ever had this kind of problem? If anyone has any ideas that would be great.


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I've been battling white flakes that I've determined to be water mold. I've shocked the pool and it goes away for a few days but then comes back. I need to keep my chlorine level at around 15 until it doesn't drop overnight, then I'll know it's gone. I just keep jumping the gun since the kids want to swim so much. My flakes are transparent/white, about 1/4-1/2" diameter and when you catch one it sort of melts away when you grab it between your fingers. They settle to the bottom when the pool isn't being used, but when you disturb them they seem to be suspended in the water.

If your flakes are more crispy, and sink quickly to the bottom of the pool, it could just be scale coming off of your salt water chloring generator. In that case, it would be a good idea to clean your swcg with muriatic acid according to your manual.

Hope this helps some!

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I've too have noticed tiny white specs (smaller than skinnydipper's flakes; between the size of a pin head and a fruit fly) floating on top of our pool. When I grab them they squish between my fingers and have kind of creamy consistency.

Our salt content has been above normal since start-up beginning of July (about 4200ppm). Both PB and pool start-up/maintenance guy say not to worry about the high salt. I just gave the maintence guy "what for" yesterday because his pool "boy" has not shown up to do the weekly maintenance for the past two weeks. I was noticing our Chlorine getting a little low so I turned up my SWG from 60% to 80% a week ago but it does not seem to have made a difference in the amount of chlorine in the pool.

I'm beginning to think something is really messed up and would love to know what those white spec are doing in our water.

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The white flakes are Calcium/water hardness coming out of solution. You have to refer to the water saturation index to balance the water.I have seen this in hundreds of pools. Water can only hold so much mineral content in certain conditions.The alkalinity the ph the calcium content all have to be in harmony with each other.If the alkalinity goes up then the water can't hold all the minerals in solution. The pool plaster reacts with the water also. It emits efflorescences that raise the alkalinity especially in the first 45 days of curing.

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