fantasy: cheapo brass 12" modern-ish pull

feisty68April 18, 2014

I know. I need to get a life.

I am planning slab fronts for my cabinets, in oak with horizontal grain stained Farrow and Ball Hardwick White (a greenish light grey). Counters will be River White granite. My cabinets will be almost all base cabinets with drawers - mostly 24" wide (some 30" wide).

I love the idea of oversize pulls - they look modern and create a feature on the featurelessness of slab fronts (frameless cabs). I love the idea of brass to warm up all the steel, stone, and grey and play nicely with the oak floors.

This Remodelista pick is awesome:

Problem is, all 12" modern-ish pulls I've seen in brass/brass finish are well over $50. I just don't want to spend anything near that much.

I was originally looking at inexpensive brass-look zamak pulls from Lee Valley - I really liked them but decided that at 5" the proportions aren't right. They are well under $10.

To mock up the look I want, I spray painted some $6 IKEA Tyda pulls. I've shown them below - 13" on a 24" drawer, which I like. That is not an actual drawer front and there's no counter, etc. I'm actually pretty happy with how it looks, but not sure if spray paint can be made to be durable enough (even with proper primer, finish, etc.). I've heard of people doing with with bathroom faucets, etc. so I guess it's possible?

Anyway, are there any pulls I've overlooked?

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More detail below. You can see that I had technical issues with the spray paint (improper temp/humidity). I'm sure that could be resolved. I like the colour though.

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Consider solid brass towel bars. Lots of models to choose from, and they can be very inexpensive relative to appliance pulls. You might need to epoxy the bars into the end holders so they don't rotate, if that bothers you and the bar is round. They come in all different types.

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These aren't nearly as beautiful as your first pulls, but I like this one pretty well. They're called "bronze", but they look more like brass to me. Also, they come in different sizes if you need them. $13 from Home Depot:

Here is a link that might be useful: Liberty Bronze Pull

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Here's a slightly different one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Another brass pull

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Those are gorgeous.
They're rather traditional and would look good with the very common and inexpensive Stanley sash pulls, but are just contemporary enough with their nice, right angle to make a statement.

(scribbling furiously to remember to wangle a way to get these...)

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Thanks very much for commenting Beatybutdebtfree, Julia42, and CEFreeman :) .

Beautybutdebtfree, I looked at towel holders a bit - the Remodelista-recommended ones actually are. But I found the brass ones had a lot of detailing that I thought would look odd in my kitchen - I couldn't find something with simple lines. Maybe they exist?

Julia42 - very interesting options! I like the Liberty Artesia 11-1/3 in. Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull because it wouldn't be a clothing catcher. The matte, warm finish is quite appealing. Unfortunately the Canadian Home Depot doesn't seem to have that - all of the appliance pulls are either stainless or super-trad. But I will look for a source to see if I can see it IRL.

CEFreeman, I can't figure out what your comment refers to? The Stanley sash pulls - do they come in long sizes? I couldn't find any.

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Restoration hardware has 8 inch on center sash pulls, but not in polished brass - chrome, nickel, and ORB I think. I have some of these in 8 inches and they are nice. Picture shows relative proportions of 4 inch size on left to 8 inch size on right.

Here's a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Sash pulls up to 8 inch

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Go for the painting..

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting Hardware

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Here you go. They ship to Canada (maybe even for free if more than 49.00).

Here is a link that might be useful: for drawer pulls

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Beautybutdebtfree - I really like those sash pulls but got stuck on the brass look :)

Terri_pacnw - thanks for that link. I had seen that - great look and it was my inspiration for painting my own (though her hardware didn't have the right proportions for my sitch). What do you think about the look of my spray-painted ones?

Nosoccermom - *thank you very much!*. They even have the non-catchy Artesia one that I liked. I guess I need to order a sample. It looks like that collection comes in various sizes which is a plus - I do have a couple of spots that need smaller pulls. The pull has a bit more detail than I was looking for, but who knows...I could end up liking that.

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Any other long, cheap brass pull suggestions?

I wish I didn't have to pay for shipping to see the Liberty Artesia pulls!

I'm also still hoping for input on my DIY spray-painted pulls. I kind of like how they look but I'd like other opinions.

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In think they will look fine, Your painted one..

I am not at all a brass new house has a few doors with the original brass knobs and hinges..I will try and paint them brushed nickel to match the newer ones put in.

So I will be giving it a whirl soon..

I also may be painting the knobs on the cabs in the kitchen..haven't decided that just yet..

Still have to close and move in. Set for the 30th..but we could move it earlier a few days.

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I like your spray painted Tyda pulls and think they will go with your slab cabs and River White. They have a nice sleek look and the color isn't too brassy. Very different and adds an original, personal touch.

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Terri_pacnw, I know. I see people blogging about spray painting their silver hardware brass, ... and spray painting their brass hardware silver! But, it kind of makes sense. I am still allergic to the 80s fake-ultra-shiny looking brass. It's the softer look of a matte, aged-looking brass that appeals to me. But I totally get why many don't like the brass look. Good luck with your move!

Bbtrix, thanks for the encouragement with the brass-look Tyday pulls. That's the only drawer with a front and a pull and we have our flatware in it, so I've had lots of chance to pay attention to it. It feels nice when you grab it. With the brass paint it has that soft modern look I am going for. Once the Ramboard is off the new floors, I see the brass and oak complementing one another very nicely. The long Tyda pulls are only $6/ea!

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Sounds like the best choice. I could "see" them in your kitchen from your descriptions. It's a nice looking, beefy, soft-modern pull with a good feel that is your chosen color. I see it as a winner all the way around - economical, satisfies your personal choice, can be easily refinished/replaced (buy a few extras), and adds another original personal touch that you'll smile at when you enjoy your new kitchen.

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robo (z6a)

This richelieu pull is super nice but I have no idea on price. Guessing...$30?

Here is a link that might be useful: Richelieu 141

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Yep, that is the exact brass finish..well circa and Thank you..looks like tomorrow may hold the answer to which day we become holders of the keys. (eek, we are late bloomers it's our one and only home purchase)

I agree with bbtrix..sounds like winner, winner chicken dinner...(sorry lol, I work in an Elementary office..I'm always saying silly kid stuff)

I like the shape/detail of your "thrifty" pulls. I can't decide on a style I like, let alone LOVE..

I know I prefer clean lines, odd numbers, cozy, simple, yet quirky details.

Is there a "term" for "Who the H$!! Knows?" :D

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Well, these aren't cheap, but they're not $50 each. I'm doing a mix of all these for my upcoming remodel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lewis Dolin Brushed Brass

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I like these 'brass' pulls, but how do they wear? I need them to coordinate with a new kitchen faucet -- are there faucets in these finishes?

I'm looking for cabinet and drawer pulls for our Maui condo cabinet refacing, (Pale bamboo, running vertical grain). Do these brass pulls tarnish?

I looking for something 'neutral in style' -- and without the protruding, pocket ripping 'ends' on my drawer pulls at home.

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By "statement," I mean these would blend well with the Stanley sash pulls, but well with others shown here.
I'm already thinking of saving, though, for the ones you've shown. They really speak to me.

Just a thought: before you paint your hardware, have you tried Rub 'n Buff? It's available all over, but particularly in craft stores. It's made for metal and from what I read, pretty indestructible.

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CEFreeman, if I go DIY I will try Rub 'n Buff - I've seen that on blogs. But I think I would finish either brass look with a clear protective coat. I love the Japanese towel bar ones sooo much. But I don't think I can justify spending that much.

Chisue, I'm not sure which pulls you referred to above?

Lauraeds - I saw those or similar pulls in an kitchen and they look FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see your reveal. They would not be an option for me because clothing catching would be an issue - we are a clumsy family, myself included.

Terri_pacnw - yes, I am appreciating the shape and proportions of the IKEA Tyda pulls. They are just so simple and clean-looking. And as I mentioned, I am liking how they *feel* - easy and comfortable to grab. I am usually whirling around the kitchen to get scratch dinners on the table after a long day of chores and homeschooling so details like that can make a difference.

Robotropolis, like that Richelieu pull and I will look for it. For some reason I thought I already found that one and discounted it based on price, but I could be wrong. I have found Richelieu products to be frustrating - I've had trouble finding an actual dealer for a specific item.

Thanks for the help, folks :)

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Not sure if these are the right look, but they are pretty cool:

length: 14.5"
price: $19.16

Here is a link that might be useful: Schaub 233-FAB

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Oh. This one is $46.70 :(

Here is a link that might be useful: the one that Robo posted

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Update. I am still liking the IKEA Tyda brass-sprayed pulls. I really like the sense of being able to solidly grab the pull. Countertop templating is tomorrow and I am going to modify the overhang to accommodate this deeper pull depth (1.5"). Budget is hurting so it doesn't hurt that the wide pulls are CAN$8.50 and the narrow ones are CAN$6.50.

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I got the Tyda pulls powdercoated in "sand gold". Pic in my thread below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Part II: take a peek

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