Theatre Recliners with a couch?

whenicitMay 16, 2009

Long story but this is where things stand. DH is obsessed with the idea of recliners for our basement. It's not a theatre room but we do have a 50"+ TV as the focal point. My compromise is to add a couch. I am having a hard time envisioning how to use a couch on one side of an 'L' shaped seating area with perhaps 3 'hooked together' recliners (with cup holder!) on the other side of the 'L'.

Have you seen any pictures of a layout such as this? Any suggestions for me? On the other side of the L are the sliding glass doors so I don't think I can put a chair there but maybe.

How do you mix the recliners with real furniture?

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Its easy to mix recliners with other furniture, but those theater seating units with cup holders are their own animal. I don't think it can be done and look well as a seating group.

Theater chairs need to be placed with a focal point not in a conversation grouping. Can you do two seating groupings in the area. One with the theater chairs in front of the TV (you say it is not really large) and another grouping with a small couch and with an ottoman that doubles for conversational seating or use as a coffee table or foot rest.

Is DH really, really obsessed with the idea of hooked recliners? I see them on CL all the time and the sellers often end up putting then in the FREE section because they cannot sell them. I am talking about ones that look to be in PERFECT condition. It appears that people buy them and then do not like the fact that they take up so much space and you can't move them around to other arrangements.

Can he compromise by getting matching individual recliners and setting them side by side?

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I'd let papa have his theater in the rec room, and use the living room for entertaining guests. I have also seen theater recliners on CL. Regular recliners with end tables are more versatile. Truth is recliners can be really comfy! It's awfully nice to put your feet up to watch a movie.

If you must have guests in the theater, then Dilly has the right idea... make two areas, a TV viewing area and a visiting area. You can dileneate the two areas with two rugs.

Have you looked at the theater pictures in the Offices thread in our Gallery?

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I haven't seen the pics Oceanna, I'll try to check that out. I seem to have trouble with the Gallery...

This would be what I'd call our rec room but there are 4 of us and only space for 3 recliners if you positioned right in front of the TV so you need more seating...

We went out again today. Saw a laz-y-boy reclining sofa that would look alright with the chairs but maybe it'll just look disjointed because it really doesn't go?



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We have decided to order the recliners as separate units rather than one unit. We then have a bit of flexibility on positioning but likely the same problem. I tentatively selected a Laz-y-Boy sofa with 2 recliners so we'll have space for everyone to happily recline (and then the doorbell will ring or the dog will need to be taken out LOL).

Do you think I should look for a more pub back sofa instead of going with this one with simple lines?

So, do you think this is a slightly better plan and do you think this couch will be okay quality for 7-10 years?

The theatre chairs are from Lane: Thoughts on that?

Here is a review of the chairs:

Here is a link that might be useful: La-z-boy reclining sofa

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I have a hard enough time staying awake through movies in an upright position. Give me a recliner and I'd be out by the end of the opening credits. :-)

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Linelle - that is too funny, when we were first married we would rent 2 movies on Friday night. The 2nd movie would never matter to me as I'd only get through the first 5 minutes and was snoozing!

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