Mixing hardwoods

raggiemomMay 16, 2012

I need some help. Background: We have a two story house. When you enter the front door into the foyer, the dining room is to the right and the living room to the left. There are two entrances going into the living room - one on the left and one straight ahead. There are also steps going upstairs. The dining room and foyer both have hardwood. It is the standard 2 or 2 1/2 inch board in a honey hickory (looks about like honey oak). The stairs and living room are both carpeted.

We need to get new flooring. Kids and pets have taken a toll on our carpet. I would really like to have hardwood in the living room. I really would like a darker stain and a 6 inch board. Anyway this would look good without having to rip out all the flooring in the dining room and foyer? Thought about taking it out of the foyer and tiling it. You would still see the two different boards when you come in, but they wouldn't be against each other. Hubby is really not in favor of ripping out the existing hardwood.

I would apprecialte any thoughts and ideas you might have.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hmmmm....trying to picture this. I think it would work...I loooove wood, all sorts.

We just built last year and did 6 inch hickory flooring throughout. My kitchen cabinets are brown maple. I was worried about it but it turned out so pretty. They are right against each other...

What kind of wood for your preferred dark stained flooring would u use?

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I am not sure what kind of wood we'll use - just something with a softer grain (sort of like cherry) and in a medium dark color. If we used it in the Living room without replacing what's in the foyer, what would you do to bring them together? I had wondered about a 6 or 10 inch wide strip of decorative tiles between the two woods. It's just hard to picture this in my head.

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My dad is a tile guy....they built about 10 years ago and did walnut everywhere. At the bottom of their stairs, he did a 12 inch tile and instead of grout he used a 3 inch walnut board in between. Super cool! Does that make sense? I dunno...I might not be worried about them 'touching' though? Just separate it with one board (cherry, or whatever u decide) going the other way and keep it simple?

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Oh, I just re-read and noticed they won't be touching. Trying to type with a toddler tugging me who doesn't play well on her own!

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