My windfall ....

polardreamsApril 24, 2014

I went to book club tonight and came home with 4 LARGE tubs of fabric, 1 large tub of cross-stitch kits, between 30-40 quilting books, 3 cutting mats, and all kids of pins, etc.! My friend's BF's mom quilt sewing years ago and he just moved her into assisted living and is trying to clean out her house. There are some partially made quilts that I need to see if they might be worth finishing. I haven't gone through all the fabric yet, but am sure that not all will be worth keeping. Most of the pieces are pretty large - and look like small prints. It should be fun seeing everything that is here and seeing if I can use them. Not sure what to do with the cross stitch stuff but most of the kits are not opened and still have the price tags on them!

Will keep you posted!

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I've been the recipient of several nice windfalls like that, and understand that the person bestowing it feels some kind of comfort knowing that it's going to somebody who will appreciate their, or their loved one's collection. It is a little bittersweet because even though you are excited getting it, as you go through the cuts of cloth, you know that someone who acquired it had plans for it and it was a dream unfulfilled. My mother always planned on making a quilt, but never did after she started a few blocks. She was an auction hound, however, and brought home many boxes of quilter's fabric, and she also collected exotic fabrics from around the world as we traveled. I have pretty much used all the suitable quilting material she left me, as well as boxes from others. That meant that many of my quilts were predestined and not from fabrics I chose myself, and it turned out for the best, because I made a lot of patterns I'd not have thought to do if left to my own devices and taught me to love scrappies, a genre I used to dislike, but has ultimately become my trademark. ;-) Have fun with it Sue

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Wow, makes me give thought to what would happen to my stuff. Hope I will have the blessings of using it all up myself! I am the only one in my family who quilts and I would hope that it wouldn't wind up in someone's garage just because they feel obligated to keep it. Sue, don't know if you like scrappy, but if you haven't checked on Bonnie Hunter's site now might be the time. She is a wizard with using all those scraps.

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Wow, Sue, lucky you! Even if some of the fabric isn't suitable for you to use, you'll know what to do with it! You may have to drive to the retreat this year! :-) Also, what Rita said.....check out all those free patterns on Quiltville and start making the one that speaks to you. Then, make the next one that speaks. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonnie's free patterns

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Wow, Sue, lucky you! Have fun sorting through it all.

Calliope, you said "someone had a plan for it..." Now you know that's not necessarily true! I have a whole bunch of fabric I bought just b/c I like it. LOL


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Wow, what a nice unexpected surprise.

If you don't know anyone who would use the cross stitch kits, perhaps there is a place you could donate them. Our local Goodwill often sells cross stitch kits.

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Wow, Sue. How fun is that?!?

Have fun looking and sorting through it all. But I'll add, don't feel obligated to keep anything you'll never use just because someone gave it to you. That's a candidacy for the "Hoarders" show.

Do your best to find a home for everything, whether it's your home or someone else's, and then don't stress over it. It's still better off than sitting in someone's attic or storage shed.

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Congratulations Sue! Wonderful opportunity to go treasure hunting. Enjoy your discoveries

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What a nice surprise! Sorting the fabric is like going on a treasure hunt. A friend of mine was given boxes of fabric from one of her girlfriend's mom. She was so excited! But as she started sorting the fabric she found out most of the fabric was solids and calico. She loves working with batiks. Even though she doesn't usually like the cottons, She has sorted the fabric by colors and shares her stash with friends.
Have fun!

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Having been the recipient of other people's sewing room stuff as those people's families did not want the stuff and did not want to have to sort through the stuff as the younger generations of the families did not sew or quilt, I agree with Jennifer in VA, do not feel obligated to keep all the stuff, only keep what you think you will use and then donate the rest, there's always Goodwill, and this time of year libraries are gearing up for summer children's activities and they usually accept craft items, sewing items, and fabric.

Best to you,

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Your post made me think where in the world would I put it all lol.

I often joke to my non quilting family that I will be really upset if I walk into a Goodwill one day and see a quilt I made for them in there lol!

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Sue, Congratulations on your windfall...sounds like fun to me; however, i agree with others, don't keep what you don't want. Goodwill and your local library are two excellent ideas for those items you won't use.
I was the recipient of just a few yards of fabric from a family member, and I used them to practice some piecing and quilting a yard or so for practice is an ok thing.

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Congrats Sue on your windfall.

While I don't usually do cross stitch Kits,i do like magazines,so if you have some of those,depending on what they are I may be interested in relieving you of some of them.I especially like Just cross stitch,cross country stitching,and cross stitch and needlework.

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My quilt guild has a rummage sale booth that we have at our annual quilt show. It amazes me how much stuff that we sell.

The funny thing is we had a quilt room organizer speak on "Sort and Release" in the meeting just before our show. We had a huge pile this year LOL! (And other quilters just snapped it up.)

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"Sort and Release"! I love that! I have some fabric I should set free so it can find a home where it's more apt to being used and loved. It's so hard to know what to save for the next Lotto or small project, and what to release but it's a good project. I'll put it on my list!

By the way, we do get a lot of fabric donated to Goodwill - some decent yardages and some just bags of scraps - all of it is purchased the day we put it out!


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Congratulations! I agree you should not feel obligated to keep everything. Many day cares, libraries, and recreational facilities can use even old fabrics for crafts.


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I haven't had much time to sort it yet- we are in Arizona for a week then home on Tuesday. I talked to a woman involved with the "dress a girl around the world" project and figure some of the stuff will work for her.

Kathi, I didn't really look into the cross stitch tub much yet but don't think there were many magazines at all. Will let you know next week.

Our quilt group usually does a "do you want it?" exchange in May or June, so some of it will go to that meeting. My mom is coming up to Colorado in a few weeks and she makes more quilts for Project Linus than I can keep up with (4-5 a month or more), so she might take some of it, too. I will donate stuff I really don't want or think I won't use - it may take a while to get through it all.

I have tons of fabric I buy "just because" so I already have a huge stash, but don't mind having more - even if I might not get to it for some time. (or ever) I have some pieces I just get out and look at because I like it and can't bear to cut!

I'll keep you posted!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dress a girl around the world

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