Pics of Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen & pool build in MA

shweriSeptember 10, 2011

Just wanted to post a link to my pool build (freeform salt water pool with natural rocks/stones along the back side of it in a small yard. depth 3'6" - 7'), mainly though for those agonizing over Pebble Tec or Pebble Sheen colors as I did. The frustrating thing is pictures from different people all look different and some don't account for shady days, or even early evening.

I chose Turtle Bay thanks to advice from Garden Web, and I LOVE it. It feels like you're swimming in a grotto. The color changes throughout the day, but always feels very natural (I thought Tahoe was a little too teal-y). I did see Tropical Breeze - it was a little brighter/bluer. I liked it a lot, but I thought Turtle Bay felt more like the natural look I was going for. I never got to see midnight blue or ocean blue, but my understanding is that those are darker. I'm sure I would love them too. But Turtle Bay in the bright sun, is truly brilliant and beautiful. And in the shade, it's deeper in hue and like reminds me of a swimming hole I once swam in in the rainforest in Puerto Rico. As you head toward dusk, it's very close to the color of the ocean. One picture tries to show the abalone shimmer in most of the sheen colors, which is really beautiful as well. I tried to capture it at different times of day, and even in the rain.

The texture, like everyone says, is like that of a basketball. I shied from Pebble Tec b/c some people complain, but I do think that is usually an installer issue. Our pool texture is really nice, and no complaints from kids who spend hours in it.

Hope this is helpful. I know I went nuts trying to find photos of Turtle Bay when considering! I do have photos of the Turtle Bay pool I saw while choosing, happy to e-mail to anyone who may be interested.

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Oops. I forgot to use the link field, so my link doesn't link. But here it is again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool build with Turtle Bay Pebble Sheen

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nice pool

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Excellent pictures. We are about to choose "Turtle Bay". Our biggest concern is that we (I'll blame my wife ;-) need to be able to see the bottom for fear a snake gets in the pool. Our deep end will be 8'. Do you think the bottom will be visible with this dark a color?

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