Just finishing my ICF pool

GarrettP1September 8, 2013

Just finishing my ICF pool.
Subcontracted it out, pulled the permits myself.

It's turning out very nice: lap pool, 42 feet long, 9 feet wide.
Uniform 4.5 foot depth.

Better than anything I could have gotten from the local pool builders, but a huge pain in the ass.

Not so much from the technique or materials, but from the pain of having people not show up at critical times.
The finish guy got a DWI, the ICF guy got called out of town on a job, etc.
It was a constant battle getting subs to show up.

I learned a lot, and it's the first ICF pool anyone has heard of in this area of Florida (panhandle).
Kind of fun that it can be totally drained without fear of it popping out of the ground (the bottom/foundation is 8 inches thick of poured concrete and rebar/welded wire) with anchors deep into the soil beneath that.

Next phase is tiling the deck. How hard could that be? It's not like someone won't just show up for work.....


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What does ICF stand for?
Keep in mind, it doesn't matter how thick or anchored a pool shell is, the physics are the same and any pool shell can float.

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ICF stands for insulated concrete forms.
They are those styrofoam/extruded polystyrene forms (commonly 4X4 feet square) which are hollow in the center where concrete is poured (like a styrofoam sandwich with concrete in the center).

Maybe they can pop out of the ground, but the engineers and manufacturers say they won't.

Part of the delay on my pool being finished was 35 straight days of rain that prevented the final (interior) finish from being supplied.
It didn't pop out of the ground then; I'm pretty sure it won't in the future.

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Garrett, we also live in the panhandle, and just finished our ICF house. We are looking into pool kits, and thought about ICF. I would very much appreciate being able to speak with you about your pool. Thanks! Mark

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Also in the panhandle and looking at ICF construction for the house.....Mark & Garrett can you please tell me who your ICF contractor was?

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I have ICF blocks. (Insulated Concrete Forms). Any amount for sale.
Shipped to any country worldwide.

Size: 50â long (127cm), 10â high (25.5cm) and 6â (15cm) wide
(with a nominal concrete core of 4â (10cm) ).

It is the exact equivalent of 4 CMUs (concrete masonry unit) in area and only weighs 1.25 pounds.
The forms are stacked without mortar and are interlocked like a Lego Set into which reinforced concrete is placed, creating a wall and foundation with a fraction of the labor of conventional CMU. Please email with details of quantity needed. Country to be delivered and target price to: garyjmcneish@gmail.com

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I was also having the facility of the pool but for this purpose, I hire the services of http://swimrightpools.com/

Here is a link that might be useful: Swimrightpools

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My question is why?
What do you gain using ICF for a pool over conventional methods, other to then to say you have it.

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We built a basement and a garage with ICF and the reason we chose to use those is that we could do all the work ourselves other than the excavating and the concrete pour. I am fascinated by the idea of building an in-ground pool with these.

Seems like a much less expensive way to have a pool!

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