JetPak therapeutic gunite spa?

goofygrinSeptember 28, 2010

We're in the process of getting a gunite pool (getting bids, etc.). We currently have an above ground portable spa for my wife's back, but it's small and honestly I hate it. I want to float around in a big body of water :)

I've seen the JetPak on the internet but haven't found any pool builders here locally with enough experience to tell me if it's a good idea or not (and the pricing is fairly high).

Does anyone have this system? Pros/Cons?

Keeping a portable spa is not an option for me. Our yard isn't big enough and I think they're an eyesore.

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Ive had the info for a while... From memory each jetpak is around $1000 or so ... Realistlcly you would only install 1-2... I'll dig the info out..

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I have installed some. They are about as close as you can get to portable spa seat back set ups. They do need a tremendous amount of water flow, so I would recommend only one on a pump, a variable speed would be perfect so you can dial up and down the pressure.
They may cost you a little more then that as they are kind of a pain to install, and require more materials to build the spa.

Most any pool builder that sells Polaris products can get them.

I have two left over from a buy one get one sale they had.
I would make you a deal if you are interested in them. (wife hates stuff in my garage)
What part of the world are you in?

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Sent you an email :)

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