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seasignsSeptember 1, 2010

New pool owner from NJ here & I have to make a decision asap on a cover. I am very confused by the options & pricing. I do not have any waterfalls and a relatively small pool 500 sq ft + 96 sq ft sunshelf. I am going to go with a solid safety cover from either Merlin, Coverlon, or Loop Loc. I am seeing quotes here of $1500-sh (for mesh) and all of my qoutes are in the 3700-4000 range installed including winterization. Does this make sense? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Solid covers are more money. Free forms cost more. Paver decks are more money.

Covers are typically priced by the longest length by the widest plus 3 feet on each.

Example: 20 X 40 free form will use 3x3 panels, and measure about 23 x 43. The extra is overlap.

Send me a pm by clicking on the My Page link. If you can get me accurate length and width and deck type, I can give you the price From Loop Loc. I would expect an installed Merlin to be in the same ball park.

I am not a big fan of Coverlon. Durability is my main concern. Loop Loc and Merlin are better covers.

Just to be open, I am a Loop Loc dealer. I have installed a number of other brands too. Since I started PGNJ, I made the decision because my reputation on the line and your kids safety or your friends children safety.


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We re in northern NJ and used these guys. Cover was an Anchor Defender Mesh. No issues so far after 5 years. Price was around $3800 for freeform 40X20 pool with spa. Getting depressed just looking at it....32 days til closing...

Here is a link that might be useful: Anchor Defender Mesh Cover

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the jimbar,
Did you use collars around hook in the travertine? Any issues pulling the paver up. Btw, your pool looks great.

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Yes, brass collars around the screwdowns. Yes, the 2 connectors behind the spa pulled up the pavers first year. What we do now is put concrete blocks on the pavers after closing and no issues at all.

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They should have used longer straps so they could set the anchors further away and the straps/springs would have been at less of an angle. Pitching the anchors a little back would have also helped reduce that.

I assume you have pillows under the raised areas on either side of the spa.


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