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rockybirdSeptember 25, 2011

My pool remodel has grown from a simple remodel of a 1958 smaller pool to a 60' lap pool. I am planning to use the imprint of the original pool, which is 14.5 ft. wide. Is 60'x 14.5' a good size? I envision my nephews and niece someday playing in it when they get older. Is it wide enough for playing, including volleyball? Is 5' deep enough? I know they will jump in. There will be no diving board.

Also, with a pool this size are there any additional maintenance costs I should be aware of? There will also be a small spa. I know the water bill will go up some.

Thank you!!!

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14.5' probably LOOKS skinny on a 60' pool, but its plenty wide for playing. The ANSI diving template requires 12' wide by 7.5' deep (at the maximum point). From that, you're good on the wide, but not deep, so no diving -- even from the side because its just not deep enough.

Now for the depth for playing. I think kids would get tired pretty quickly playing in a 5' deep pool. You'd have to be 6' tall and over to be able to stand in the pool and have your head out of the water. And that's just your head. How comfortable is that? Sport, or play pools are usually 3.5 - 4' deep. I guess if you intend them to be on floaties all the time its ok.

For volleyball -- I think that 5' is too deep. For instance, that would be over my eyeballs. You usually want the water to be at just about mid-chest for volleyball. Many use about 4' deep. That's too deep for me, but great for most men. says this: Above-ground pools less than 18 feet in diameter are not recommended for more than four players because the ball would likely be out of the pool more often than inside the pool.

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Thanks barbja. That is very helpful.

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