It's simple, but finished!

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 29, 2013

Remember me talking about an outing quilt DD wanted? I'm renaming it to a quiltlet! At least you'll understand better what it is....a small, thin quilt. This will be given to the grandparents (show and train horses) for their first grandbaby. My daughter wanted something related to horses and on the small size but still usable with the baby. DD likes it so I guess it'll work. It's approx 34"x39"

SharonG/FL (only the 3rd completion this year) :-(

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Very cute and seems to fit the order perfectly!

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That's nice, Sharon! Perfect to park the baby on while they watch the horses.

The nice thing about a simpler quilt like this is that they will probably actually use it! I think many "fancier" quilts are put away in drawers or closets b/c the parents don't want to "mess it up". I'd much rather have the quilt used till it falls apart than hidden away and brought out to admire once in a while.


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Yes, it does work. Good job, Sharon.

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Very nice! I agree, the parents will use this often and I bet it will always be in their go to baby bag. Perfect and easy size to fold.
You definitely made this one to specs--great job!

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Sharon, it looks great and I think it will be used many times.

I have made a few baby quilts like this...using a bright juvenile fabric for the center and solid borders.


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Looks great. Perfect for the selected recipient too.

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That's a 'quiltlet' after my own heart. I used to have horses. I also can relate to having quilts parents and g'parents can and will actually USE. My dear and precious DIL put the quilt I made my latest grandson away for safe keeping. When she opened it at her shower, involuntarily the words came out that it was too precious to use. Last I saw it, it was in the closet in the baby's room. It never was used to my knowledge, and she told me recently it is now 'lost'. Probably mixed up in the articles he has outgrown and packed or given away. I wasn't offended, because I know it wasn't purposeful and I have lost stuff the same way. However, the entire time I was working on it, I was sending such love and prayers into it, so it would be there for him to hug and wrap its arms around him. I can always make more quilts, and most quilters feel that way. Please use the ones folks I give to you.

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Simple is good. Having 6 horses, I love it!! And I'm sure it will be perfect or the baby, too :-)


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Thank you everyone. You have made me feel better about it being smaller and not very heavy. Yes, I want them to use it, just like you girls want people to use the quilts you give. With this one, I'm thinking she (Markie) would be able to carry it around herself as she starts walking and playing with dolls and really put it to use.

You girls know how to warm my heart. It's been a tough couple of weeks.


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Love it Sharon, especially the b/w borders!

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Very nice!

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Very pretty!!! I really like the pattern, it frames the panel so well.

I agree about them being put away 'cause they are 'too pretty to use'. I make mine to be used.

One of my sisters displays hers on the back of the sofa, but she doesn't want them used. I stayed with her during their St. Pat parade and one of the young guests took two out of the closet and used them. I had to laugh!!!

Great job as usual Sharon!

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That looks nice. Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing a quilt this year, I still have not completed one single quilt this year.

Best to you,

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Very nice, Sharon! And congrats on finishing 3 quilts already. I don't have one done and none about to be finished. You've inspired me to get busy!


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Thanks again for the 'likes'......

MaritimeLinda, The borders are actually a very dark brown and a very light mint green. *smile*

Rosa, Your sister must have practically had a melt-down when those quilts were taken out of the closet. lol

Go, Kate, Go!


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