Help - Factory Reset for Intelliflo VF pump

dizman67September 22, 2010

I put in an EasyTouch system earlier this summer. After wiring and getting everything running, the LCD on Intelliflo VF pump display was minimal. Unplug the communications cable from the EasyTouch, was unable to change the pump back to the full feature menu. Researching it, the "VF" pump when hooked up to a "1.x" motherboard will cause it to look and act like a "VS" pump. I have since replaced the MB for a 2.x version which has the support for "VF" pumps. But can not find a procedure for resetting the "VF" pump back to factory defaults.

Found hints that key presses are required followed by disconnection of the control from the pump.

If someone is has this super secret procedures for this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Programing in the Easytouch should not change programing in the Intelliflo.
With the VS pumps you can push all four speeds at the same time to reset to factory speeds, but I dont know about the VF.
What are you trying to acomplish, or what is not working.

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The vast complexity of vf software and its susceptibility to malfunction, specially in light of ambient environmental conditions (especially for instance here in the Mojave Desert) to say nothing of unanticipated consequences, call into doubt its advantage over the existing mechanical timer. Yet so far as I've been able to determine the only vf not using microelectronics has only 2 speeds so can't deliver maximum savings

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Shame on you dalehileman for making statements for which you have zero experience to back it up with - or are you misrepresenting yourself and pool equipment on other sites?

By his posts, dalehileman does not own a VF and is not qualified to discuss it's supportability or operations in any environment.

I would much prefer you take your troll behavior off to some hidden (known only to you) place.

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Interesting link...

Here is a link that might be useful: dalehileman

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reset VF to factory=

Press and hold 4 top buttons then release. Then hold down the two middle keys while holding down select and escape at the same time. At Application set up press select.

To govern the pump to a 2HP or 1HP max, press the 4 top keys, arrow to PAR 699, change to 1 or 2 and power down, power up. The pump will limit the rpm to a lower setting as you limit the HP. This is good for smaller pipe sizes so owners do not crank it up to max speed on smaller systems.

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Really appreciate the reply for the reset.
After holding middle keys and select and escape, I did not see anything for Application Set-up.
Ended up flipping circuit breaker off, waited until all the lights were out on the pump, and flipped it back on. The pump came back with the Intelliflo VF display and menu's.

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I some times place my VF pump in a manual mode vs. the Intellitouch control. I remove the controller wiring and turn off pump then turn on pump, when it doesn't see the controller wiring on power up it's in a manual system. I do this to drain or fill my spa quickly.

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You dont have to turn the pump off or unplug the wire, putting it in service mode, or timeout mode will put them in manual mode.

It takes 30 seconds or so for the "display not active" screen to go away.

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Thanks Just-a-pb, I learn something new everyday.

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