Negative edge pool problems

NegativedgeSeptember 7, 2012

I bought a house with an existing negative edge pool. The 4HP Speck pump was running 24/7. I shut the pump off and now am unable to get it to prime. I put water into the filter basked but it just drains back into the spillover catch basin below. The pump is located several feet above the catch basin. I called a pool company who tells me I need to have the pump rebuilt. I don't see how that will solve the problem. I don't want the spillover to run 24/7. HELP!

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You could have a suction side air leak. Somewhere on the wet end of the pump you could have a small hole or a warped fitting or bad o-ring. I had the same thing you described happen to a customer of mine several years after I built his pool. After we replaced the pump lid o-ring it started sucking again.

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Replaced the o-ring and it didn't help that is why they are saying rebuild the pump. Still think there should be some way of preventing the water from flowing backwards when you shut the pump off right?

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