exit2studiosSeptember 13, 2008

Was looking for some information and hopefully some pics of pools with Beadcrete. I've read all the info on their website and scoured the web for photos and reviews, but have come up pretty short.

Does anyone have beadcrete? If so, what did it cost in relationship to other plater options and is it worth it?

Please post some pics and reviews of this finish if you have it or have any experience with it.


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I don't remember exactly how much the salesman quoted us, but I think he said it was double the cost of PebbleSheen. I saw the sample though and it was beautiful! I would love to have that but it is just not even close to an option. It seems like it would feel good on your feet too. Like a massage ; ).

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Thanks mommyniki, that's very intersting. I've heard various statements about the cost, so I appreciate the PS benchmark.

I'm would still love to see some pictures and hear some reports of people who actually pulled the trigger and went with beadcrete.

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Exit - where are you located? Quality beadcrete intallers are hard to come by. There is a differnece between having it done, and having it done well. The pool is magnificent, the feel is quite like a Nike flip-flop with the little beads on it, and it doesn't snag. The color is incredible, and no picture will do it justice. You really do have to see it to believe it. Cost should be 20% over Pebble Tec. Any more than that, and you are getting taken for a ride. Its true, not that many bulders are qualified, and it takes experience to do it right.

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susantiger - we are located in Austin, TX. Our PB has done a few jobs but I haven't seen them yet. A little early in the process. I was told it's about an additional $40 per batch over DiamondBrite...not sure what that would calculate to in terms of %. Does that sound inline?

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the way the beadcrete works - the quote is given based on linear feet. To re-plaster our pool (110 linear feet) with beadcrete, it was $13800. It truly is spectacular. To see it is one thing, and feeling it - sublime. If you can get it for $120-125, you are in line. Our PB does Austin as well if you have any questions.

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I researched Beadcrete for two years. There are basically two plaster companies (in Texas) that do Beadcrete. One does it very well,and the other just does it (not as well). There is one plastering company out of Nevada that travels for Beadcrete jobs, and they are also well recommended.

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I must admit, I'm a little confused why there's so little information out there aside from marketing material on this product. If it's as great as they say (and it seems to be), why aren't more people singing it's praises? I don't believe beadcrete is a "new" product in the marketplace.

Does anyone else have firsthand experience with this stuff?

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exit, I am wondering the same thing as you.

Beadcrete seems to be a great surfacing option, but when I search for it all I can find is company propaganda and a few remodel sites with pictures. I've never seen or heard anything from ONE single pool owner.

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I am intending to choose "Majestic" Beadcrete for my pool. Has anyone seen this color in a pool. Do you know exactly what the cost difference is between pebble and Beadcrete?

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