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nypoolnoviceSeptember 23, 2010

We have a free-form, about 700 SF, with an 8' spa.

I got a price for a Loop-Loc cover from an online dealer, about $3,400 for the solid cover, delivered, no installation.

Can anyone offer any info that might help me determine if this is a decent deal? I wasn't expecting it to cost this much, but I can't really say what I'm basing my expectations on.

Any decent alternatives that might save me some money?

Here's a link to our pool.


Here is a link that might be useful: Our Pool

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You have a raised spa and need anchor in pipe and UndrCovr padding. I would add 2' long #5 rebar in the main anchor in pipe assemblies too.

That pool, as far as the cover makers pricing is concerned, is longest length + 30" x widest + 30". The additional 30" accounts for overlap. Also add in treatments and anti-wear padding.

Your link was very helpful.It told me you will need the pipes, rebar, and raised spa treatments, and your planned travertine deck will REQUIRE core drilling. Hammer drills will chip and crack the tiles.

This is NOT a DIY job. The net is great for the DIYer. A cover like this needs a VAR, Value Added Reseller that knows what to do, has done them before, and will be there for you should it need attention. Try getting on site support from the online dealer.

How costly a mistake would a miss measurement be? It's relatively easy to screw it up.


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There are several brands of safety covers and several that are cheaper and rated just as well as loop loc. I found the best price on safety covers at If you definately have to have loop loc look at

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