Hard wire chandelier to swag

owataqtMay 25, 2012

I posted this in the kitchen forum but didn't get any needed help.

I finally picked a drum light chandelier for over the kitchen table. Remember Iam the one who just updated her kitchen on a budget.

It's hardwired. But the only thing ai have over my kitchen table is one recess light.

What are the easiest diy options out there.

Anyone have any experience with this???? Can't afford electrician.


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Do check YouTube for videos on this subject -- it is an AMAZING resource for all kinds of projects ... we have used info for pool repairs -- and repairs in the house too!

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In the Kitchen Forum you got advice to get the conversion kit to go from recessed light to chandelier/pendant. It would be the same conversion kit to switch to a swag, which is just a longer version of a chandelier/pendant.

Is there something else you're looking for, such as no kit just how do you remove the recessed light and replace with hard-wired lighting fixture?

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Do you mean the fixture you want to use is hardwired and you need to make it swag? If so, you can a long cord/plug at Home Depot or Lowes in their lighting department that has a roller switch on it. They come in different lengths and they have chain links over the cord. I bought mine in gold but ended up painting it bronzey brown to blend in better with my light fixture.

I did that with my DR light fixture. I have it plugged into a timer. So it comes on at 6:30am off around 8am and then back on around 5pm and off again about 10:30pm.

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Yes..thank you always..that is what I needed to know
I knew their was more then one way. I wanted the simplest...

Their is canister style change things which is what I linked. But the person who replied sent a link and that link didn't help advice on if this was the easiest for a diy

They say their a canister change it out to hang pendents but what I have coming is a chandelier. So I wasn't sure if that is what I was to use.

Let me be clear on this .... I needed more replies and exact things to purchase is probably what I was looking for in my post in the kitchen forum. It was probably me not being direct enough with what I was hoping to get help with. Maybe more replies came through on the kitchen forum???

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Below is a link showing use of a conversion kit. It's something you can do if you understand how to connect the wires correctly. As mentioned above, google Youtube for video on how to install the kit.

Only thing I'd worry about is the weight of your chandelier and whether the recessed can is strong enough to carry the weight. If not, you'd need someone to install stronger bracing. If you're going to swag the chandelier and screw the hook into a rafter then you shouldn't have a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: kit

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Not just weight, but electrical load will dictate replacement fixture.

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There is a kit to convert recessed lights to a regular fixture light - recess to pendant.

Ask at Lowes or Home Depot

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Thanks all. My worry too is hanging the chandelier from the recess canister kit. I think I will figure out how to swag it for now. So going to go look at lowes for some kind attach cord and plug. Possibly putting chandelier together first and then go from there. It should be here next week. Just ordered a zebra print chair to go in the kitchen eat n area too.
Under the desk. Maybe it will LOL never end up there.

Found a black 150.00 rocking chair that has a broken arm. They said I could have it for 20.00 ..I was like sold. This means for a whole two bucks I just need to counter sink a screw into it and attach back to wood back. I think? LOL

Trying to make the eat n kitchen space area more of a cozy area to enjoy.

We shall see...huggles

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The cheapest and EASIEST way to convert a can to a pendant is
to screw one of these in...
Alot nicer than the 1st generation of this type..

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How many recessed lights are on that circuit? If there is just the one over your table, you could screw in a plug to the socket, add a connection on the top of the hanging fixture and then swag it from the beam. The hook into the beam will carry the weight and you have a fixture that can be turned on/off with the original recessed switch. Just a thought.

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