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shathawayMarch 3, 2011

So we are getting ready to come on the market with a "self-serve" MLS listing and had a pricing question. Would you come on at $375,000 to hit the various different search ranges (i.e 375,000 to 425,000 or 325,000 to 375,00) or would our lowest starting point ($369,900) be better? Thanks!

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In responding I am going to assume that comps support a price of $375,000 as an attractive price. If they don't then I wouldn't list at that price. Anyway:

This depends on how both public and realtor MLS searches work in your area. In some area a search in the 325,000 to 375,000 range would NOT call up a house listed at 375,000. That seems strange to me, but there it is. If you live in that type of area then I would list below 375,000. If you don't and a price at 375,000 would pick up both ranged. I would list at 375,000.

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