Reviews on their Omega custom cabinets anyone?

remodelzombieApril 18, 2009

I'm looking at purchasing omega custom cabinets. A year ago consumer reports gave them an excellent review. Any reviews would be appreciated...

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I did my entire home in Omega custom. OK I'm still doing my home in omega custom...they're not so quick to get their corrections finished.

In general, they're very well built cabinets. I did do quite a bit of very custom work and they did well on that, actually they were the only ones who'd take on a few of the cabinet options I wanted, which is why I went with them.

Finish quality and stains are fabulous, they look gorgeous. But we did have to make modifications because they didn't get all of the cabinets correct, which is frustrating and cost me more money.

They have totally stepped up to the plate on any issues with doors (dings etc) and did rush those right out, they just had trouble getting the most custom pieces right. That said, again they were the only company (Omega, Hertco and Woodmode were my choices) that would even attempt some of the pieces. They rocked the toe kick drawers, far superior to the initial cabinet order I had from Karmen (all went back).

On my unstained cherry I wish there was a bit less variation in the grain, but my husband loves it so I suppose that's a personal preferance thing.

My master bath cabs and my son's bahtroom cabs are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Their chocolate is truely and lush and lickable. Door quality is fabulous, especially in the highly carved pieces.

All in all...I'm going to be doing another house soon I would imagine. Would I use Omega....maybe. I'd consider Woodmode a bit harder next time. I hear their customer service is superior to Omega and that did become an issue. For the money, I think Woodmode is the better product, but I do love my just took a bit too much to get here.

I'm actually thinking Christopher Peacock for my next kitchen...what a change of pace...he walks in and does the room...ahhhh what a lovely thought LOL

Oh and on Omega...pricing was VERY different from one designer to another. I paid about 40,000 less at the shop I went with (a better shop than the more expensive one) verses the other shop that priced the same cabs for me.'s worth thousands!

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Just curious, may I ask how much were your cabinets, if there was a 40,000 price difference. That must be some kitchen.

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We have the regular Dynasty cabinets plus 1 Omega custom cabinet in our kitchen and dining area. I really like the quality of the cabinets. I can't tell the difference between the construction of the Omega and Dynasty cabinets: they blend seamlessly together and look alike to me.

We had some problems with some of the cabinets and the company replaced them without questioning. If I remember right it took 3-4 weeks for 1 replacement cabinet and doors.

We got ours for the builder rate via a Builder's Supply Center: not a fancy place that also doesn't advertisize. For the quality, our price was very good because of our builder being willing to pass on his discount.

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Yes I looked at Woodmode and the cabinets were very nice, but the particular door that we liked...well, I liked the work on the Omega door molding better.

So can you mix Dynasty and Custom cabinets with omega? I was under the impression it was either one or the other.

From what you are all saying, I better order early so when the custom pieces are incorrect, it will give me some time to replace them.

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You definitely can mix! That's one of the great things about Omega...many of the doors are in both lines.

We have mostly Dynasty w/a few Custom pieces as well. Other than price, there are two differences that are noticeable b/w them:

(1) The Custom cabinets are finished on the inside and the outside bottom to match the overall exterior finish.

(2) The walls of the Custom cabinets are 3/4" thick compared to the 1/2" of the Dynasty.

However, the only time you could see the difference in the walls was before the counters were installed. Now that they are installed, you cannot tell. As to the finished bottoms, if I look under I see the matched-finished bottoms of the 2 Custom upper cabinets flanked by the standard finished bottoms of the Dynasty...but who sticks their head under the cabinets & looks up??!!

Yes, you can tell the difference in the cabinets when you open them (and in the one base cabinet that's Custom), but I'm OK with it. The Custom upper cabinets are glass-fronted so I think it's to be expected that they would be finished-to-match on the inside anyway.

I too really like the cabinets & their quality. We didn't have to replace any cabinets b/c of quality, only one b/c of the damage our counter installers caused. We waited 4 or 5 weeks, as I recall, for the replacement.


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Gayle I was ordering two bathrooms and a kitchen worth of cabinets. The master bath has quite a few cabs in it and the other bath has a significant amount of trim as well as the cabs that frame the tub. It adds up quickly :o(

The kitchen itself isn't quite finished (I'm missing the last bill for the custom bay window pieces). It should end up right around $60k for the finished kitchen. Going with Dynasty would have saved me a little but given that most of the cabs were custom in size, it wasn't enough of a savings to bother with (and I wanted the insides to all be the same). Shipping for all of my cabs was over ten's pricy to ship up here unfortunately.

One of the great things about Omega/Dynasty is their ability to blend the two lines seamlessly (from the outside anyhoo). You can get a higher end door on a Dynasty box (which isn't a low quality box by any means) and have a pretty snazzy look for less :)

I have to say, they rocked on the toe kick drawers. That's a custom feature, but it's a wonderful use of space if you don't have a whole lot of storage space. I really love mine.

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Do you have a pic of your toe kick drawers? What do you store in there?

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zombie, I missed this post. I'll take some pics tomorrow of the toe kick drawers for you. I looked and can't find one...odd because they're one of my favorite features LOL

I have them under every cabinet in the house. In my son's bath there is a step stool that folds out for him to use (he's 3) as well as the paperwork for his air jet tub and a few extra gadgets he uses in the tub (water crayons etc)

In the kitchen we have many items stored in the darned things. Trash compactor bags, serving trays, cookie sheets, lightbulbs, the dogs goober (bowls etc) tupperware lids and placemats. You don't know how much space you're missing until you add toe kick drawers to your life. I will never be without them again.

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igloochic you have sold me! I'm talking to my Omega KD about this toe kick drawer option. Looking forward to pics..... :)

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Omega and Woodmode are both well know custom lines BUT there is a small custom manufacturer in 'Chicago' that surpasses both these companies in quality, customizations, and depth of product.

'Best Cabinets' offers both framed and frameless cabinets and also inset cabinets. All their cabinets are custom made to order and they offer much more customizing options then other companies.

The company can ship anywhere in the Continental United States on a Blanket Wrapped Truck. They even offer to 'final measure' the project and 'install' throughout the US.

The cabinets are better constructed than 'Omega' and 'Woodmode'. The drawer bottoms are 1/2' thick as a standard. They use Blum Hinges and Blumotion Softclose/ Undermount Tracks as a standard.

They also are known for high end finishes such as Glazes and Distressing. hey offer Rub-Throughs, Crackle Finishes, Milk Piant, High Gloss Finishes, NO VOC and Low VOC Finishes.

You can buy direct from the Manufacturer and don't have to go thru any Middleman.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Custom Cabinets

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I am in the process of replacing my kitchen cabinets. What a lot of work this is shopping and comparing. I have been looking at Omega/Dynasty in my local Virginia area. So many decisions to make. Has anyone done the Maple in the Oyster with Carmel glaze? The glazes vary by company, I have found that out. I have also been looking at Fieldstone and Star Mark which are basically the same company under one roof with 2 names. I like the Omega/Dynasty painted finishes better than most, the glaze doesn't seem to be put on so thick. Also, what cabinet styles has everyone done?

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Omega/Dynasty is part of the Master Brands Group.

The Consumer Reports testing is pretty rigorous. If there are problems at the designer level, it is really just the designer. I use them all the time without needing service. On the occaisional service call they are pretty generous and rush items so no problems there.

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My wife and I purchased Dynasty/Omega from a local dealer. The initial wait was fine. My problems began when after the install, I noticed that one of the cabinets was installed with an unfinished side. When I notified the dealer he told me that he knew about it and that he had ordered a skin panel to cover the cabinet. Omega's quality control is horrible. Why send out an unfinished cabinet. Secondly, the dealer should not be allowed to install an unfinished cabinet. Shortly after installation, all three of the double door cabinets had warped doors.
My cabinets were installed in April. It is now the first day of September and I am still waiting for another door. The skin panel took 31/2 months to correct.
I contacted Omega cabinets over a month ago, leaving a voice mail message with their "quality Control" manager, Chuck Becker. He NEVER responded. That alone tells you about Omega's quality control.

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I am just now installing my Omega Custom cabinets. I have no warped door or anything that would denote poor workmanship or quality control. The cabinets are very well made and are absolutely beautiful! However, READ THE FINE PRINT WHEN BUYING OMEGA.

If you order stained cabinets, I think there is no problem. My island was Cherry Truffle Antiqued and it looks fabulous, however, I ordered Alma Maple cabinets with Cognac glazing and antiquing for the perimeter of my kitchen (Cream colored cabinets with darker glazing) ...they only GLAZE AND ANTIQUE the DOORS. They do NOT glaze the range hood or the cabinet face behind the doors or any sides that you do not cover with a door panel. So, be sure to cover all side cabinetry with a door panel when designing your kitchen with an Omega designer....and BUYER BEWARE with the Range and cabinetry faces that they DON'T glaze or antique.

Yes, the cabinets are made very well...but I had a difficult time with Omega on this issue. Finally after much fuss from me, Omega agreed to pay 1/3, me 1/3 and the Omega dealer 1/3 to have my hood, cabinetry faces and the 4 cabinet sides glazed and antiqued by a local cabinetry contractor.

I don't know if you will have any luck, but you might try Vicki Jacoby at Omega Cabinets.

Good luck

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My Kitchen is 26.5 long X 12.5 wide X 8' ceilings. The cost is listed below which is three walls worth of specialty cabinetry including: 3"crown molding, hood, baker center, wine rack, double oven w/ 2 draws below, double trash 24", many drawers, lift gate above fridge, super susan and 36" cabinets all above plus a 12' island. I did Omega maple cabinets with Oyster paint and the caramel glaze (the alma seemed too "dingy" looking for my taste-no offense to anyone) w/Marco (5 pc.) rope detailed doors. The island we did in the cherry w/ a sable stain w/out any glazing. I love the quality of the cabinets even though we had a few come in damaged- which were replaced w/out question. It has been seven months since they were put in and I'm very happy with the result. Read ALL the reviews you can stand and look at even more pictures. After having had peeling white Thermofoil cabinets for the last 11 years these are a dream come true!List price was $50,026.45 I got a quote from Direct buy for $20,168.16 (no intstall) and I paid about the same price through Dream Kitchens and they came in one month faster(add $1800 for installation)which took about 1 1/2 wks w/ two guys! Plus direct buy charged me $300 JUST TO QUOTE Me!Do your homework!I'd love to post the pics of the finished product but I don't see where to add pics

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Run very fast away from Omega/Dynasty cabinets. We ordered them because we saw them at a local lumber company. I banged on everything wanting all wood construction. I gave the designer at the lumber yard my measurements and he designed the kitchen and he used one 39" cabinet. We ordered all wood construction. Did you know Dynasty now comes in a particle board construction? Yeah, I didn't either, thought they were a quality company. Our lumber guy must have down graded our cabinets cus these aren't the quality that were in the show room. Wejust moved in. We have 3 boxes of crackers on a shelf and it is bowing already. First we ordered all wood and thanks to the crooks at Omega, the dealers can charge you all wood prices and then send you particle board construction. Now who would think that even an unquality cabinet company would build a 39" cabinet without re-enforcement behind the style. If I could do it over with, I would go with the all wood Chineese cabinet. At least you are getting what you paid for. My cabinets were red birch and supposidly only came in the top of the line cabinets but I have box store quality cabinets for 3 times the price. Shame on you Omega/Dynasty cabinets. Wish I had a way to upload a picture of the junk cabinets. If you decide to go with them get it in writing that no particle board will be used. My dealer said I can get plywood shelving for $69 a shelf, there are 5 of them in that 39 inch cabinet and considering I paid for all wood construction, they should one be sending me the shelves and two, the cabinet should be re-enforced in the middle behind the style. Get your cabinets off the box store shelves, they will be better constructed than these. They may have ripped me off but I will be doing plenty of advertising for them and I can assure you, it will be more than $69 a shelf worth.

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We remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago with Omega cabinets in painted wood. They did not hold up. The paint chipped within the first 6 months and by now it looks like a 20 year old kitchen. So sad and it wasn't cheap, the company does not stand behind its products so be careful!!

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Omega Cabinets Reviews

Omega Cabinets are HORRIBLE. I had the same problem as ccoleridge. The paint has chipped on all of our cabinets. It looks way WORSE than the 20 year old kitchen we replaced. -- Omega Cabintry, Waterloo, IA -- absolutely do NOT stand behind their products.

I've been getting the runaround from their warranty representatives for four months.

The warranty reps say that I should have known better than to wipe my cabinets with THE SOFT SIDE OF A SPONGE and therefore the damage to these cabinets is my fault.

Here is a link that might be useful: Omega Cabinetry Reviews

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The seal (the paint) is so thin that the slightest water creates bubbles under the paint.

Worse, we bought MAPLE but we got MDF. My contractor says the MDF cannot be refaced. If they were maple cabinets he could reface them, but the MDF is just sawdust.

I have the receipts, they all say MAPLE.

I've gotten the runaround for months from Omega Cabinets. Their warranty representive says delusional things like "your hand going in and out of the tilt out created the damage to the base cabinets."

They'll replace the defective pieces, with other defective pieces.

Even one of the drawerfronts they replaced arrived already worn down to the sawdust layer underneath.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen is Deteriorating: Omega Cabinets Firsthand Account (Reviews)

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My âÂÂLovelyâ Omega Cabinets
Well what has come is beautiful but therein lays the problem. We have been missing a piece, a decorative column to be exact, that Omega has been aware of since the 6th of June. We were told that it was remade and would ship out on June 16th; next we were told that they found the original missing one a loading dock and it would be shipped out, we have been given incorrect tracking numbers and finally today, June the 28th, we received the missing piece from Fedex and guess what, itâÂÂs damaged! The Fedex tracking information shows that they only shipped out YESTERDAY. On top of that, they addressed to 305, that number doesnâÂÂt exist isnâÂÂt on this street. Our house number is 395. So I had to take time out of my Saturday (while all of their employees are home relaxing with their families) to figure out where exactly Fedex delivered it. Then I had to go retrieve it from the incorrect address that it was left at. But beyond all of that and most importantly, IT IS DAMAGED! In 5 different places! The box doesnâÂÂt show any damage so it may even have been shipped in this damaged condition, although there certainly was no attempt made at protecting this piece, just shoved it in a cardboard box and sent it on tiâÂÂs merry way. No foam or bubble wrap was even used. Who does this with a beautiful piece of cherry?

Since custom trim, stone work and paint all butt up to it this missing part, it has set our whole basement finish back over 4 weeks. It is costing us and all of our trades time as well as money (our trim carpenter has had to move his trailer load of equipment out twice now because of not having this piece). But what does Omega Cabinet Company care, they have their check.

We paid over $30,000.00 for this product and to treat us, the customer, with such disregard and disrespect is abhorrent and unacceptable. A truly quality company would never treat a customer like Omega Cabinets has us. I would think twice about using Omega Cabinet Company again.

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My name is Julie and I am a Consumer Care Specialist with MasterBrand Cabinets, the parent company for Omega. We apologize for the frustration that you have experienced with your cabinetry.
Please email me at with your contact information so we can look into your situation further and make sure the appropriate steps are being taken to resolve your issue. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we look forward to receiving your email.

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