led pool light cost and pebbletec - ma

alisa77September 5, 2013

Hello all!

We are looking to sign a pool contract soon. Our PB says we need only 1 white 500W light in our pool. We would like the Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec and he says one light is fine. We would like the LED color lights instead.

Our pool is a 18x36 1 roman end gunite. We've been quoted $2,000 for 1 Pentair 5G LED color light. The 500W light was previously included in the quote and not as a line item charge. That seems too high and against what others have posted here.

Any insight and negotiation points are helpful!

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If you have an existing pool with a light, you can just change out the lightbulb to an led color changing bulb if. I'm not mistaken.

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That sounds like a rip off.
The wiring and installation shouldn't cost any more than any other light, and here they are on Amazon.com for under $600.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pentair color light

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We have dark pebble color (midnight blue) and have one 500w light and it is fine. Ours is 40 x 25 lagoon shaped, 3' - 8', just built this spring.

Your story is exactly what our builder indicated as well, also in MA. Andrews pools?

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I bought my intellibrite on ebay for $177 and my poolbuilder replaced it for free. It seem like your PB is overcharging you.

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