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karpetApril 8, 2011

There are so many cute patterns out there to try, but what are the features that you would include if you were designing the perfect purse?

I like one with a shoulder strap, one that is not too wide, (I hate being in a tight place and worrying that I'll knock something over with the back edge of my purse - like in an antique store!) But I don't like one where everything falls to the bottom and it's hard to reach down in and fish things out.

I would design one that is taller than it is wide, but flares out at the top; a purse that has a couple separate sections inside, and has pockets on a couple of those sections - pockets that are stacked on top of each other so there is a bottom pocket and a top pocket. I would also have one outside pocket.

How about you????


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I like my strap to cross the body so I can carry in the front and not worry in a croud. The body should be longer then wide eg. 10x7, zipper closure. A couple of pockets on the outside and lots of pockets on the inside, with the inside divided by a zipped pocket.
I wish I were clever enough to design one.

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I just made a couple with pockets inside. One is taller than the other and it won't work for me so am giving it to DGD. I like the shorter one and it's still an inch or so higher than my checkbook. 11" wide flaring to 13", about 9" tall, 3 pockets on one side and 2 on the other. The narrow strap is long enough to go over my head so I don't have to worry about it falling off my shoulder and I can keep it in front of me. There's room at the bottom for stuff, but most everything is in the pockets around the edges. I have stopped carrying things that I think I 'might' use but hardly ever do....and my shoulder thanks me. @:)


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I like an adjustable strap that goes from on shoulder or to across the body. I also make a really small over the body purse that holds just the essentials to use when shopping. I discovered I don't have to carry around everything when shopping. I haven't "store-bought" a purse in over five years since I found I could make my own!! I just alter whatever pattern to make it what I want.
Also, I discovered a pattern by Studio Kat Designs that is a purse insert/organizer named "Port-a-Pockets". It has a zipper section, all kinds of pockets and fits down inside a purse. When I change purses, I just pull this out and set it down inside the new one. The pattern makes two sizes so you have one for whatever size purse you use. I just love it. It holds all my stuff and keeps it where I can find it. Now when I make a purse, I don't put those pockets inside which makes the purse making go faster. Lazy Girl Designs also makes a pattern for an organizer insert. It is not as "organized" as the other one but it is much easier to put together.
What a fun topic!

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Murphy, The insert I've been using (for the last 13 years!) came from my MIL and doesn't have a zipper section, but it sounds like a good idea. This one has about bit the dust so I've been searching for a pattern to make one. I like having the things I use a lot in separate pockets so I can readily find them. On the bags I just made, I forgot to plan for a place for my sunglasses, but there's plenty of room inside. Next time, an outside pocket for them!

Thanks for the recommendation on the insert.


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