Vegetable Quilt?!?

solstice98April 21, 2008

In a meeting at work last week I heard someone volunteer to make a quilt to be given as a special prize at our Employee Health Fair in October. I thought it was a great idea until I realized I was the one doing the volunteering!

Well, it's still a good idea and I've found lots of great vegetable pattern fabric. That seems appropriate because the theme of the Fair is "Harvest Festival". You know, healthy eating and all that. (Apparently this fair won't involve hot dogs and deep fried Twinkies...)

I would like to use a pattern that's not too complicated and uses large enough blocks of fabric so the images of the veggies has impact. I'm thinking of a sofa throw sized quilt. Any suggestions? Maybe even a photo of a similar quilt?

Any ideas are appreciated!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have seen many vegetable fabrics used in jar quilts. They aren't really hard to make although there are simpler patterns. Here's an example and I am sure some other people will post their's as well.

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Here's the one I did. Not hard at all but didn't make jars into their own blocks. I just separated them with a sashing.


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...and yet, one more! Only this one was just fruits.

Another pattern I like to use to showcase fabrics is this one:

It uses a 9" block, a 6" block (fussy cut musical instruments) and 6" x 9" rail fence blocks (2" strips of 3 fabrics). This is a VERY fast quilt. The 6" blocks can either be made into snowballs (using 2 1/2" squares on the corners) or into a Square in a Square (Using 3 1/2" squares on the corners. This one shows the 3 1/2" squares effect.

There are 2 different alternating rows, one with the 6" blocks and one with the 9" blocks. I found this pattern in a book last year but I gave the book to my friend so I don't remember the book or the pattern's name.

Here's one I made with 2 1/2" corners (snowball). It puts a frame around the main fabrics.

and yet another variation without and corners on the 6" blocks. This was leftover fabrics from my Nephew's Christmas Quilt...teenagers! geeze!


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When you said vegetables...I immediately thought of this book that I bought from a 2nd hand bookstore a few months back. The book is called "Appliquilt: Whimsical One-Step Applique and Quilting" by Tonee White.

I had to take w/o flash due to glare so the pix is a bit blurry...sorry!

Close up of applique technique. No fusible...just pinning & runing stitch.

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Wonderful suggestions! Thank you all for sharing ideas and photos. I'm going to spend the next couple weekends gathering fabric then I'll get busy and decide on a pattern.

Besides the vegetable and fruit medleys I bought on line, today I stopped at my tiny local quilt shop and bought fat quarters with oranges, limes, purple grapes, watermelon, lettuce (LOVE the lettuce!) and another one with a medley of oranges and lemons. Still hoping to find chili peppers, beans and mushrooms. Maybe even blackberries or raspberries!

I found coffee beans but decided they were not healthy enough. I'll save those for the bacon, eggs and french toast quilt.


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I love those jar quilts. They will have to go on my "me" list.

Here is a link to Sharon's Salad Bar quilt. It is 4x6 pieces of fabric with black sashing to make them 6 inches square. Then the squares are rotated to look woven. Very simple, but I like the look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Salad Bar Basket Weave quilt

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Thanks for all the ideas. I've decided to go with a block pattern and let the veggie fabric speak for itself rather than included shapes of vegetables and fruit. I'm leaning towards "Three Bean Salad" because I love the pattern, the center squares are large enough to show off the fabric detail, and the name just fits the theme so well.

But I haven't cut anything yet so if you have an idea to share, please do!


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I made a quilted was fun to make and looks great on my friend's table. It's a little too narrow for mine, but fits theirs perfectly.

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This is my veggie quilt. The pattern was from an old Quiltmaker magazine.


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