Tandem quilt winner

grammypApril 6, 2013

We had our Saturday dinner for the tandem rally tonight along with the drawing for prizes. We had 4 dozen home made oatmeal cookies, a pound cake, 2 bottles of wine, a barn wood bird house, and the quilt. Everyone was happy with their prizes. Brenda won the quilt and opted not to have anyone sign it. I had taken it to all our events for the weekend so everyone had a chance to see it up close. She said she dreamed about it last night. I told her to dream I won the lottery tonight.


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She looks pleased to have won the quilt, as well she should! You did a beautiful job, Beverly, and your giving spirit is something to be desired.


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I agree with Sharon, you share your talent with everyone! I don't know when you find the time to sleep.

Anyone would be thrilled to have one of your beautiful quilts, but doesn't it make you feel good for someone express it?

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Great smile expresses it all. Beautiful.
p.s. Hope the lottery thing works out ;-)

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Looks like a great ending to the event. The quilt is beautiful and you have a happy winner.

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Sharon, the quilt turned out beautifully and the winner looks pleased. What a great combination!

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I agree with Sue, beautiful quilt and the winner looks so happy.

Best to you,

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Sue, You might want to check the first post again. It was Beverly who made that gorgeous quilt. You probably knew that but was thinking about me? When was the last time you've known me to finish a quilt? *chuckle*


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