Finished my Sisters quilt top

nanajayneApril 1, 2011

I hoped to finish this last month but didn't get the border on until today. D9P again. She chose the fabrics.

I plan on sending it out to be quilted.

/Quilttops002.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

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It's a beautiful quilt - and so large! It must have taken quite some time to do. Would be much easier to send out to be quilted. Well done!!


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This pattern is so neat, with so many variations offered.
Nice job, love the colors!

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Jayne, With all the layouts and fabric placements for this pattern, you can have a new looking D9P forever! This is a great pattern to make a large quilt and you've done it perfectly. Great job!!


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lovey quilt! Don't you just love DP9??

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I didn't recognize it as a DP9! I love the fabrics she chose.

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Thank you everyone. This is my favorite set for the D9P but have fun trying out the others. It works differently with different fabrics and real easy. It is large 94.5 x 108.5. Hope the extra wide backing will work. Not too experienced with sending tops out. Do most of them provide the batt or is it best to use my own? Jayne

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Just lovely, beautifully soft, those muted colors, soothing & peaceful.

I've only done the regular set, did a twin size bed quilt for my Mom. But sent mine out as first time using long arm quilter. I'd never worked as large as a bed quilt; was a bit too big for me to manage on my home machine.

I understand that things like providing batting or not, can vary from quilter to quilter or arrangement to arrangement.

We discussed several things: (1) he'd put one seam in the backing I provided, (2) provide the batting, (3) make bindings from fabric I provided, (4) long arm quilt & (5) machine attach & turn the bindings. (Also I selected which overall design & that was priced per square inch; we agreed on thread which he provided.)

It had been suggested to me (here I believe) to get a contract, if not that a written agreement, which I did. All the above aspects were itemized & followed exactly.

I got a wonderfully talented person, am thrilled w/ the results. Hope you're as happy w/ the results you get as I am w/ mine.

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That is a lovely quilt...pastels are so pretty!

I know your sister will love it!


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