Salted or not?

kathmanduSeptember 21, 2010

Originally we were convinced we wanted a salt system for our pool. Now we are starting to hear of problems with erosion on rock, grout and concrete surfaces around the pool. We've also had PBs tell us we would have to sign a waiver releasing them of any liability if we chose a salt system. It seems 4 or 5 years of salt in a pool is about the time "things" start to happen. What are your thoughts/experiences?

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You are going to get alot of mixed opinions on here about salt. I personally do not care for them but do install them without a waiver. If my customer insists on having one I educate them on the pros and cons of the system and I do take the precautions that are nessesary. Sealing stone before the salt is put in the pool is one example. I prefer and 320 erosion feeder to any other form of sanitation.

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Our salt pool is going on almost four years, love it. We have soft flagstone, no problems so far. Clean the cell every six weeks or so, easy. Water feels great. They say cell's last about five years, $500.00-$1000.00

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My pool is 3 years old, with a SWG. No problems with my brick coping nor anything else. In 3 years I have never had to clean the cell, and, yes, I inspect it every season. For some reason, the blades are always absolutely clean.

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