Jandy e-Pump programming

angiedfwSeptember 29, 2010

Please help me! :)

We had a very reputable pool builder build our pool this spring and we love it. We had a great experience. However, I have some questions that I would like to get some input on from the board.

Our pool was the first pool that our pb put the Jandy e-pump in. The Jandy rep had to come out and finish installing/programming it because the pb service department didn't know what to do. Ok, someone has to be the guinea pig, right?

We've had no problems with the pool (keeping it clean, chemical levels, etc), but I question whether we have our settings at an optimal level for energy consumption. Also, we had a brief power outage in the neighborhood yesterday (not lightning) and today the programming is messed up. The pump/cleaner did not kick on at its regular time, so I did it manually. After I put the program back on automatic, it went through a whole high speed/cleaner program, even though it wasn't the time for that program. Now, 3 hours later, the program seems to be running (low speed) just fine.

How do I check the program on the PDA? I've looked in Menu>Program>Filter Pump and it shows the program as "On 6:00 Am Off 10:00 am All Days" , which is the time it runs on high speed. I can't seem to find the low speed program. I want to also check at what speeds/levels the pump is working at during those high/low programs.

Sorry about the length of this post, but I would love to have some input from people with experience with this system. Thank you for your time!

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angiedfw....is the time correct on the control system.

I have a PDA system also and the original 9v backup battery in the control box went dead recently. I didn't think much of it until we had a power outage.

Of course, the time on the computer was no longer correct without the backup battery. This was causing everything to come on and shut off at strange times of the day until I realized the time was wrong on the system.

Did the PB install the 9v battery in the control box and if so, is it still good. If your time is OK on the PDA, then this is not the problem.

Sorry, can't help with the e-pump question but thought I would share this little story in case it was as simple as the wrong time on the system.

Hope this helps.

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