Is PRISTIVA additive Good, Bad, or Meh?

SteveScanSeptember 11, 2011

We're new pool owners and appreciate the information we get from this helpful forum. Our builder, Riverbend Sandler in Plano, Texas runs a retail store that's recommending a new product called Pristiva for our saltwater pool to improve water quality. The website is Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, about this product?

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You will only appreciate it after you have used salt that contains a little iron and you have to deal with the staining.
I think specialty salt will be the norm in the future.
Hopefully the cells can also improve in quality.

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Until they say what X2O is, I won't use it. If I don't know what I am putting in a pool, I open myself to potential issues.

NaCl is NaCl. Whether it comes from a mine in Utah, Africa, or Nova Scotia. The size of the crystal and current TDS dictates the dissolve rate.

Aqua Salt and Morton's work just fine and cost significantly less.

Proper pool chemistry maximizes cell life.


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