Can't Decide Between Two Floors! Please Help!

pam533April 28, 2013

Hi. I posted a few days ago with two floors. Well, I ruled the one dark one out. I am now left with two floors after going to every flooring store in town. They are both beigey and match my Silestone countertops. The problem is that I was told by a saleswoman that one of my floors has pink undertones. The other one probably has an undertone, but I can't tell what it is. My sister and I spent 4 hours yesterday staring at the two of them trying to figure out which one would work best. I like the bigger tiles on the pinky one, but think the color of the smaller tiles might work better since I don't think it has a pink undertone. Anyway, these are both resilient floors (which I'm getting for my doggies). Can anyone help me decide which of the two would look the best. I have included pics of my kitchen and attached familyroom. I decorate with reds and greens (and lots of beige, I guess). Do you think the smaller tiles would look okay in my kitchen or should I go with the pinkey, bigger ones? I am so confused. I hope someone can help. Thank you! Sorry this is so long. /user/herman2manny/library/?sort=2&page=1&_suid=1367122322619065982493 20352145

Here is a link that might be useful: Two Floors

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Okay, I think I figured out how to make the link to my pics easier to get to. Now maybe it will be easier for you guys to help me. Thanks so much. I posted this in the Decorating Forum, too, but figured I might get more response here.

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I'm sorry I can't select which tile would be better for you based on your pictures, but I can tell you about my own experience when we selected tiles for our master bath. Granted, they were builder's grade ceramic so the quality wasn't there, but one was called "white" and the other "beige". The woman at the design center said go with the white since our sinks, toilet and tub were white so we did. Well, the "white" tiles also had pinkish undertones, probably moreso than your tile. And when the room was completed, they gave a strong pink cast to the entire room. So, try to look at the floor in all lighting situations especially when natural light hits it. Whatever undertones there are will be amplified when the entire floor is covered with it. Had I given it more thought, I definitely would've gone with the "beige" tile.

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prefer1st choice and don't see the pink issue. saying that, I would pick a slate -mimicing floor to pull the dark out of your counter.....but either of these would be fine if they are your preference.

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I agree with herbflavor and was going to say the same!

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Okay, I'm a dummy, but what does slate look like? I wouldn't even know what to look for at the flooring store. Does anyone have a picture? Thanks.

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Slate would be one of the darker colors in your counter. With the beigey living room floor and furniture, plus light colored cabinets, a darker floor in your kitchen would be smashing. A similar beigey on the floor in the kitchen would be a lot on the monochromatic side.

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I still like the bigger tiles but my monitor does not show any pink at all in it so I am not seeing what you are seeing. Did you find resilient tiles in the color you prefer in a bigger size today when you indicated you would go back tot he store? I am trying to help as I made myself crazy picking out my tiles.

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Ruthie51, I will definitely take your advice on looking at the pink issue.Cindy103d, the only problem with a dark floor is that I live in Seattle, the rain capital. It is so gloomy and dark here most of the time that I am afraid if I go dark, it will be depressing in this room. Do you think? Lynn2006, I just got back from the store and have another pile to go through. Honestly, I think I need a mental break and am going to leave them until tomorrow when my brain and eyes are fresh. I have been staring at floors for so long I think I'm losing it :)! So, tomorrow I will lay them all out and get them down to two that I like. Thank you everyone for all your help!!! Never knew picking out a floor would be so hard!

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Pam, when I was picking out tiles for my two small foyer areas a few years ago, I would love so many in the store but when I got home, they looked totally different! I spent weeks so do not feel bad. We are looking forward to helping you with a floor.

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