What is the proper installation of glass pool tile?

caribbeancupcakeSeptember 30, 2007

This will be the third time in eight years we have had to replace this tile. The pool tile on the pool when we bought the house was etched and we had the pool profesionally re surfaced and new tile which we were told was pool tile applied. After two years the grout looked terrible and tile was etched so we removed the tile ground the surface to a clean finish re fiberglassed behind the tile line. We put glass tiles 1" x 1" on a mesh specifically sold as pool tile as the pool edging. Now individual tiles are coming off and the small tiles need cleaned in the white grout lines every week. Should we have used epoxy or another

adhesive to prevent this? The pool has an electric chlorinator and we wondered if this was a source of etching?We are builing another house and this relentless pool repair is freaking us out we need a permanent solution as this is a rental villa and needs to always look perfect.All advice appreciated.

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We used glass tiles for our swimming pool waterline, but we did not go with the small 1x1 tiles as we had heard about so many problems with mosaic tiles. We found Lightstreams Glass Tile and used their 2x2 glass tiles for our pool. They were amuch more beautiful than any small glass mosaic tiles we had looked at. Theyare very thick, high quality glass. The color is part of the glass, not a paint on one side, which they told us was important for swimming pool installations. They are also smooth on all 4 sides so we don't worry about the kids' getting cut from the tiles. Lightstreams had recommended mortar products to be used with their tiles and we were also given installation recommendations. Each tile had to be back-buttered with the mortar, and the trowel marks smoothed out before placing the tiles on the waterline area. The tiles are beautiful and we have not had any problems with them and it has been two years since they have been installed. They also have the coolest tiles for step markers, called Shell Beach, and they are so unique -- everyone always asks us where we got our tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lightstreams Glass Tile

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If you are installing the tile on fiberglass they make silcone adhesives and grouts for that purpose.

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Can anyone recommend pool tile installation company/person in NJ?
Any other suggestions/considerations with installing the tile on fiberglass pool (is it necessary to drain the pool?)

Thank you

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