Heater and pool cover are dead

corky1_2008September 27, 2010

I have had my pool for seven years. Everything is falling apart.

1. The automatic pool cover has developed cracks and letting water onto the top of the cover which prevents the cover from opening because of the weight.

2. The 3rd heater repair person just told me that my heater needs to be replaced. I have arthritis and cannot swim unless the water is quite warm.

a. What would be a good replacement gas heater? MY pool is 8' X 50" and is 5 feet deep at the deepest point.

b. I have an automatic clorinator which the pool people said tends to eat the heater. I have had the valve fail twice. What would be a better way to chlorinate the pool? A floater will not work because of the cover.

Thank you.

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In our market 7-10 years is a decent life for both of those pieces of equipment if used frequently.

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corky, did you mean four feet x fifty inches or fifty feet?

For 50 feet, Ray Pak/Rheem Electronic Ignition and Polymer headers. 400K BTU

For 50 inches, a Ray Pak Versa will suffice.


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