Cotton Theory

nanajayneApril 10, 2009

I was watching an old Sewing With Nancy today and she was starting a series on the "Cotton Theory" and I was wondering if any of you have ever tried it. It was featured in one of my mags once and I did a sq. just to see if I could. I seemed a little stiff but the idea was interesting as it is an other form of Quilt as you go and the projects are reversable. Jayne

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This process was done in a workshop that my guild offered, and I've seen demos done at quilt shows. I even bought the video to watch one day!!

I recall them being very, very stiff. But I've always thought I'd make something the size of a rug to go in front of my kitchen sink and/or frig. It would also be good for placemats I think. Not good as a true quilt.

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I like the look, but not the feel of these types of quilts. They are heavy, dense, and stiff. I can understand the idea of having a reversible quilt, but for me, no. It's not a method I would use.

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Last year I did an evening workshop on Cotton Theory. Our project was a hot mat which I enjoyed doing. Like the rest of you, I would not want a whole quilt done this way. It is very stiff. I saw some finished placemats and they seemed all right. Jennifer, I think the idea of a rug is great. I've just finished redecorating a spare bedroom and I think I may try one when I get all my other projects caught up.

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I've heard of the cotton theory but don't really know what it is. Why is it so stiff?

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I bought two patterns, but have yet to use them. I was thinking about a tablerunner and placemats.

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Geri~ This is a quilt as you go process and there are so many seams and quilting lines as you go along that there is very little 'fluff' left from the batting. Regardless (I think) of the type of batting used, there are seams/quilting lines almost every 1/2" or so...thus, no fluff.

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I think when I have thought this through a bit more that I may try a table runner or some placemats. I think if one wanted a bed spread instead of a quilt that this might be ok but I know I wouldn't like it for a quilt.
It would be a good way to use up scraps of batting as the connecting pc. is only 1" wide. ( I think).
Something different to try.

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My local quilt shop offers classes on this. Looking at the couple of quilts that have been done, they've been gorgeous and don't seem to be stiff.

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I have looked at the Cotton Theory book #2 but it is expensive if I don't use it. I saw part of a segment that Nancy Zimmerman had on the subject which used conventional quilt blocks. I like that idea. I have a pattern that I tried from a magazine but but too complicated to do what I wish to do. I will keep it on the back burner for not. Jayne

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Sewing with Nancy has a free video website, and you can watch some of these TV shows online for free. I assume the available videos change over time, but right now, you can watch 3 Cotton Theory Quilting episodes. It's an interesting technique; I'd certainly test it with a table runner or possibley a lap quilt before I tried a bed quilt.

Click the Quilting tab at the top to see SWN shows related to quilting.
Sewing With Nancy Video Website

Here's a link to a free Cotton Theory pattern for a placemat. This was a project on the America Quilts Creatively TV show.
Cotton Theory Placemat pattern (opens a PDF)


Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing With Nancy TV

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I saw a similar method at the last quilt show I attended. It's called Fun and Done. Bayside Quilting has a video demonstrating how it's done. I bought a pattern and the templates at the show.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Fun and Done quilts

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There was a post of beautiful placemats made from a pattern in one of her books.
It was beautiful!!!!
I tried to find it and it doesn't come up with a search under anything I have tried. I think it was about a year ago.
I remember the person saying they were very time comsuming and used a lot of thread.
But they were lovely!!!!!!!!!

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Several years ago one of my quilt magazines had a bedspread made with the Cotton Theory. This was the first I had hear of it. Does anyone know what magazine it was in. I have so many magazines that I don't know where to start looking. Thanks.

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First time I ever heard of this. Interesting concept, and if I were to do this, it would be in placemats only. Wondered how this would wash up? Would it lose its shape?

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Sorry can't help with the magazine but from my experience it would make a VERY heavy quilt which isn't very cuddly. I think it would be great for placemats, table runners and she has reversable jacket that seem interesting. I have made a sample to see if I understood the concept and found there was a learing curve. Jayne

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