Baja/sun shelf cleaning question

martakeithSeptember 23, 2010

Hi again, another question regarding the sunshelf/baja shelf. I've been told by a prospective PB that the polaris does not clean sunshelves and that if I want a sun shelf I have to buy the PCC in floor cleaning system ($5200). I've been all over this forum and don't recall reading that anywhere. Do I really need to spend that much just to have the cool shelf (on top of the existing mark up for gunite/rebar)? Thanks in advance! Marta

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Man this guy really doesn't want you to put in the baja. You do not need an infloor system for this issue.

What I do on all of my tanning ledges is I put one of the pool returns to where it sprays across the ledge. This will help move the debris into the pool where the cleaner will pick it up. Simple inexpensive solution.

Good Luck,


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David is right--you don't need an in-floor just for the baja shelf. Just as he described, our PB put a return at the sun shelf to help push the debris into the pool for the Polaris to pickup. He said that on rare occasions, the Polaris might make it onto the shelf depending on the design, but don't count on it.

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Thanks to you both, I felt the same thing!!! He also does not want us to have a raised spa (quote is $22,000!). Unfortunately, they're the only PB with extended warranties so I want to make sure I'm doing my due diligence. The sunshelf issues raised some flags. I like the idea of the strategically placed returns. More to follow, I'm sure. But thanks for the sanity check. Marta

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$22,000 for a raised spa. Wow. I know that different parts of the country prices are higher. $8000 to $10,000 max. In my part of the world. What are the extended warrantees on. The equipment or the structure????

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I know, other PBs are saying $11K (raised and with stone veneer). Sorting this stuff out is not for the faint of heart! I think the warranties are on the structure (lifetime) and the equipment (3-5 years). Fighting Irish, where are you?

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Keep in mind that extended warranties are worth nothing when the guarantor goes out of business! If that PB has been "selling" this extended warranty for awhile, I'd ask for a reference who you could talk to independently that had a problem with the "structure." And what does the "structure" warranty cover? That the rebar doesn't rust or something? Extended warranties in any industry is the biggest profit center, and they usually don't work out well for the consumer.

I'd also be wary of these sales tactics where in essence they price the non-cookie cutter items out of the ballpark so their customers will simply buy the standard "quickie" pool. Turn and burn kind of PB.

$10K-$15K for a raised spa is normal. $22K is not. Neither is requiring an in-floor cleaning system for a Baja shelf. Just these two items would steer me away from this PB.

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Lifetime on gunite or shotcrete warranty is standard throughout the industry. This normally comes from the applicator company. 3 year extended warranty comes from the manufacturer when you buy 3 component or more. In most cases it is a Filter, Pump, and heater. I am pretty sure that Jandy stuff has to be install by a Pro installer--- something or other company. Pentair you can get just by having the extended warranty form filled out. I think this is available online. Hayward I am not quite sure as I do not promote nor do I sell there products.

I am in the Houston area by the way.


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I am by no means a pool expert like David and ricerocket, just a person in the middle of a pool build. I can tell you they are 100% correct. When I told my PB I wanted a sun shelf/tanning ledge his only question was "how big do you want it?". He never even mentioned that I had to get an in floor cleaner. We are getting the Polaris 3900 Sport and one of the 3 returns will be in the tanning ledge. Simple as that. For $5200 I would say i am going to take the pool brush and brush off the shelf myself. AND I will be adding a 7' raised spa (raised 18") with 2 spillovers and it is only costing me 11K. I had 5 PB's in to get quotes and the one that sold the in floor system pushed it really hard (annoyingly hard). The other guys weren't as sold on it. It's not that they said ti was bad-it was just a lot of money for what it is. BTW-I live in MD and I think pool prices are VERY high here compared to other parts of the country (TX, AZ, FL) where there is more competition.

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Thanks for the insight, it's so helpful - especially as we try to nail this down. It's so much money and such a great responsibility - and I truly believe it'll be worth it when it's done - just really want to get it right!!!

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My 8 person spa cost $12000.
My tanning ledge has a return on it that sweeps water across it. I still need to brush it off every once in a while. It takes 20 seconds to do so.

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I don't know where you live marta_p, but here in Orlando a spa costs about $3500 and gas heater about $2000. In my own pool I do have an in-floor cleaning system with 2 nozzles on the sunshelf. I did in-floor because my pool is not screened. I built my neighbors pool as well with a screen enclosure and instead of all of the in-floor stuff, I did a bubbler on the sunshelf. Looks good and functions well too. I don't like putting returns (jets) in the sunshelf cause the water is too shallow and the potential is there to erode the pool finish. Not saying it WILL happen, just being cautious. BTW, are you building a screen enclosure? and why are you using a Polaris cleaner?

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Another good tip, thanks pool designer! We live in the Boston area so no screen for us. I know some who do have the in floor, and some of our other PB estimates include a 10-head or 3-head, but neither of them are $5200. It just seemed odd to me that the PB pushing it was so definitive about it in regard to the sun shelf, where other PBs have not made it so black or white. In all, we like the company, it's got a great reputation and stellar BBB rating. However, I think I may have lost confidence in the salesperson - who would also manage the project. I think rice rocket said it best when he suggested we be wary of that type of sales tactics! I can't thank you all enough for your input. I now have 2 great solutions to counter with if the issue comes up again b/c I REALLY do want that sun shelf!!!!

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I have a 6' Baja/sun shelf and it is no problem to clean. I have one of the jets facing that direction and it keeps the water moving fine. I do ocassionaly sweep it as well, but that only takes 2 minutes tops. I think you will LOVE it....we LOVE ours!

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