Hayward filter pressure

sconti_95September 8, 2012

When pool is operating normally, the pressure on my filter guage is 18 pounds. When I operate just the spa, the pressure jumps up to about 30 pounds. Is this normal? Do not understand why the pressure would increase for spa operation. Hope to hear from some of the experts soon. Thanks !!

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It probably has less return fittings in the spa. Maybe only one or two, compared with 3 or 4 in the pool.

This will restrict the flow causing your filter gauge to go up.

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just-a-pb: I have 3 returns in the pool and one in the spa that operate at the same time when in the pool mode.The one in the spa pushes water over a granite lip back into the pool giving it a waterfall effect. The spa also has 4 returns that only operate when the spa mode is turned on. I have good pressure coming from the 4 spa jets, and just cannot understand why the pressure increases.Thanks for jumping in with your reply. Hope the additional information will shed some light on this "mystery".

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Not any real mystery,
The returns you are referring to in the spa are probably 4 venturi jets. These have small orifices that create pressure and bring in air. These do not free flow like the pool returns.
They create high back pressure, which is why your pressure goes up.
You will always have a difference in pressure anyway unless they were plumbed identical, which is almost impossible.

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just-a-pb: Appreciate all your expertise and advice. It is most helpful. Reason for my concern: Had a local pool shop (Pinch-a Penny) come out to clean some scale off my tile at the waterline in the pool. Used something that created tremendous foaming and sudsing. They used anti-foam and whatever to neutralize the foam,with no success and decided to break down the filter. Guy did not know what he was doing obviously and blew the pressure release valve and guage off the top of the Hayward filter. Replaced the entire top of the filter with a new guage etc. With the new guage, I am paying closer attention to what it is reading. Thank you for your very clear explanation. Still have foam, but am trying to resolve issue on my own. Pool store says they want to help me get rid of the foam, but have no confidence in their staff. They put so much other chemical in the pool, it caused the filter to gum up the DE material. Had to have the filter cleaned again within a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for getting rid of foam in pool caused by tile cleaning agent?? Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. I am done with this particular Pinch-a-Penny store. Thanks !!

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1) Soak the grids in either TSP or cheap powdered dishwasher detergent after hosing them off. This will degrease the grids and allow closer inspection. Sometimes, when a tank's pressure gets too high for too long, the fabric will stretch enough that the inside surfaces meet, preventing water from passing.

2) Raise and keep elevated the chlorine level to break down the agent used to clean the tiles.

3) Next time the tiles need cleaning, use four parts water to one part Muriatic acid in a bucket and an acid proof scrub brush. Rubber gloves and goggles please!

4) Keep the CSI (Calsite Saturation Index) slightly negative and this issue should stop.


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