painted picnic table update (pic heavy)

momto4boysMay 18, 2009

Good morning!! :)

I posted a few months ago about a picnic table given to us by some friends. It was a funky blue color. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for where we'd put it (for now) Which is right outside the living room window. Every time I walked into the room, my eye was drawn out to the table and it stuck out like a sore thumb. I have lots of reds in my living room, including my curtains. So, it's workin' much better :)

I forgot when we decided to paint it red, what a PAIN that color is! I was also being cheap and lazy, when I decided to use some white primer I already had. Instead of getting gray tinted.

My 5 yr old did most of the work, lol. Seriously..he worked his booty off. Just look at the concentration on his face! :)

Wish I had some before pics, but I forgot to take some.

Anyways, thanks for everyone's advice on color, etc.

I'm happy with it. Yellow would have been better, though. Would have hid the pollen that's all over it every morning. BLECH!

It also needs another coat (or two) but I'm out of pain, and desire, lol. Seriously..I now despise red! I will finish it. Just not this wk :)

here's a few of my wicker I just did as well :)

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So nice! Great job!

I also love the tin pails you are using for planters. Such a great touch! Did you paint the circles on, or did they come that way?

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The picnic table and wicker look great! Your 5yo could be twins with my 4yo. He in fact was standing behind me and asked, "Hey is that me?" and DH asked, "When was T__ painting tables?"

Lovely vignette and gorgeous helper! Enjoy your outdoor space!

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Love it!

Can you tell us how you painted your wicker? I have a set that badly needs an update.

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Wow! What a pretty grouping of furniture you have now! I would have never thought to paint a picnic table red, but it's darling!

I also like the idea of buckets for plants. I bought two yellow and white spackled enamelware buckets for some of my plants and it gives the perfect finishing touch!

You son did a great job! Kids love painting, don't they?

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lax, that's too funny. Have you posted a pic of him before? Because I know someone has of a little guy, who I also thought looked a lot like my kiddo.

barb, I bought the tins that way. They were at Hobby Lobby, $1, to $3 a piece (half off)

oak, he DID love to paint. He said he's "over it" now, LOL.

budge, I took a wire brush and knocked off all the old paint. Washed it all down with soap and water, then just used spray paint. And used some out door polyurathene spray on it, as well.
I doubt it'll hold up too well. Never does because it's REALLy windy here. And the my chairs usually end up against the fence, lol. But, I'll occasionally take a can outside with me, and throw another coat on. Few times through the summer, usually.

The wicker has been alone on the patio all this time. Also have a little love seat that goes with it. Dh really wanted this picnic table there for us all to sit at to eat. But, once the bugs come out in full force. I'll be able to get him to move it from the patio, out into the yard :) He'll never eat with the bugs, lol.
And it's way too crowded now.

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Your son did a great job!!
Everything looks so bright and cheerful!!
I love your little buckets, handpainted flowers & colorful cushions.

My DS has helped me paint his room everytime since he was a little one so he has bragging rights that he painted his room - even if it was just a few swipes when he was little!!


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Love that red. How neat everything looks.

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I love it! Your son did a great job (and might I add, quite the cutie!). Would you mind sharing the name of the red paint?

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Wonderful job! Your son deserves a big hug and a BIG ice cream cone! :)

Time for a party! The whole settings looks wonderful!

Jan (always ready for ice cream .....and a party!)

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It looks adorable -- but not half as cute as the little cherub you hired for a painter! The little pails remind me of bright strawberries, and really add a special touch.

What's Hobby Lobby? The store locator says the closest one to Seattle is in Utah - lol! Is it like Michaels?

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That looks great! I like how your wicker turned out, too.

Your little boy actually looks JUST like my nephew!

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What a cute little industrious boy! Great job - that had to put a smile on your face.

Love how everything came out, very complimentary to the surroundings

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Thanks everyone! :)
The paint was some already mixed walmart paint. Color creations, Gloss Banner Red.
It's what the dude told me worked best for outdoor furniture.

Not sure what Michael's is. But, Hobby Lobby sells fabric, crafts, decor. Can find some pretty cute stuff, at great prices.

Here's another pic of my "baby" :)
He's off to kindy in Aug, and my heart breaks every time I think about it. We packed up a lunch in the picnic basket Friday, and went to the park to hang out. We weren't there 5 mins, and I found myself sobbing like an idiot. It suddenly hit me that my older boys would be out of school in two wks. And that was probaby the last "park day" with a little guy.(sure we'll be at the park a million times more. But, it'll be different. They'll be FOUR, lol) I've been a stay at home mom, taking my babies to the park for 12 yrs. Now what do I do?? :(
He's sooo excited and ready, but am I? sniff, sniff. He's not only my paint buddy, but my shopping pal, lunch date, and he's awesome for naptime cuddles.
Where does the time go??

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That last pic needs to be blown up and framed on your wall. IKWYM about already missing the park & lunch dates, etc. even before school starts. 4yo starts pre-K this fall and already I've been getting teary-eyed over the prospect of no longer having my little buddy around specifically for our Wednesday morning book store lunch date. I hadn't tied it into the end of the schoolyear, but sub-consciously I must have made the connection. When DS1 is home, the house is full of kids. He's like the pied piper of children. Sorry to go so far off topic.

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Lovely job. What is the name and who makes the fabric on the first wicker chair that is posted. It's just what I'm looking for. TIA

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lax, I've got 10 kids a day in my front yard. I like that my own kids are where I can keep an eye on them. But, man..I kind of like those buggers out of my flower beds!! lol.

ywop..the "before" with the brown paint? Don't know, sorry. Came with the chairs. Bought them two yrs ago off of craigslist.

Other cushions are from Kohls.

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I think it all looks so cheerful and inviting! I wouldn't want to leave that spot. And your little one did a fabo job. Wow! Aren't kids amazing when you give them a chance. : )

The B/W photo of your sons is so sweet. I hope you have it framed. What a keepsake!

Diana, mom of boys and grandboys, too. Finally got two grandgirls. : )

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I think your pieces are painted wonderfully and deserve a place of honor especially given the precious young man who was so helpful in creating such a cheerful piece. Aren't boys just the BEST!

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What beautiful eyes! Furniture is not bad either but I am partial to brow/green eyes.

I believe you live in AR, I do also.


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