Plaster Stained by Flagstone Coping

nygexSeptember 21, 2010

Everything has gone great on our pool build but, yesterday, they did the plaster and it rained shortly after. It left stains all around the pool, from the flagstone, on the plaster. I called the pool builder and he assured me they will go away over time but I am not confident that they will. They are also going to be shocking it tonight so maybe I am premature in my concerns. My brother had the same issue, was told the same thing, and his stains are still there a year later. Fortunately, his was small enough that he is not too concerned about it.

Some of the stains flow all the way to the bottom of the pool. I am sure they will ask for their final payment shortly but I am not sure I am going to be willing to pay it if the stains are still present.

Anyone else have this issue and was it resolved? It was just a real bummer coming home and seeing it.

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