Would you use this inspection service?

girlndocsMarch 5, 2010

I don't know anyone who can refer me to a home inspector they liked (the only people I know who bought a home within the last 10 years are my inlaws and they got a lemon).

I don't know why GW won't let me post a link in a new post, but the site is http://www.abodeinspect.com/index.html

The prices seem in line with other local companies, he is licensed and certified, there is a lot of explanation on the site, follow-up calls are unlimited and free, and it sounds like a VERY detailed report.

On the other hand, when I see such a huge amount of information and technical terms thrown around the cynical side of me wonders if I'm being baffled with bullsh*t. Like, is a 200-page report necessary, or is that a huge excess of information designed to overwhelm me?

Thanks for your insight.

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There is no way to generate a helpful 200 page report from a 3 hour inspection you're paying a few hundred $ for.

2 useful pages and 198 pages from the dictionary.

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Aha. So I was right to wonder.

He says The average report consists of approximately 30 pages of customized narrative information, 100 pages of Homeowner, structure specific, maintenance information and photographs of many of the maintenance concerns. Also included is a 80 page "How To Operate Your Home" Manual. Reports will be mailed and e-mailed, within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.

"Customized narrative information" is obviously an overly jargoned way of saying "I wrote down what I saw", but is 30 pages within reason, or is that still obviously padded?

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On the surface, he appears to be a bit of a jack of all trades..so I would check to make sure that he is licensed and/or certified/and or trained in the various services offered (e.g. mold, infrared, etc)

A true written narrative should fully explain the findings (as opposed to "Roof: Fair condition"). HI's who do actually write full narratives..as opposed to a glorified check list with llots of filler, avarage about 30 pages on an average size home in average condition. I have seen some narrative reports up to 100 pages and more on homes in very bad condition, or simply very old.

The best way to tell is read the Standards of Practice to which the HI has a link on his website. Then ask him to email a sample report so you can see for yourself if it covers all of the areas required by law, and just how explanatory the report is in terms of explaining any deficiencies or defects that may be found in YOUR specific house...and not just a bunch of general info about houses in general.

Contact the state to verify that the license number is that of this particular inspector, and that his license is in good standing.

Check to see what type of insurance he is required to carry, then check with him to make sure he has the insurance and is in good standing.

A professional HI will carry Errors and Omissions insurance, even if not required, as that allows recourse to the buyer in the event that the he should miss finding a visible defect or deficiency that would prove costly to repair.

Request the pre-inspection agreement for review BEFORE you agree to hire. Read it carefully in order that you learn what is and is not covered by the inspection. Ask for any clarification that you may need.

Performing due diligence greatly increases your chnace of obtinaing a thorough inspection....but nothing guarantees such.

Best wishes.

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I've heard Angie's List is a good source for checking out businesses in an area. They charge a membership fee, but you might be able to check the company's reputation. Maybe someone else could share their experience.

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