First Paper Pieced Project

luvtosharedivsApril 25, 2012

I finally finished this lap quilt with paper pieced buzzsaw blocks. It's my first experience with paper piecing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. We won't talk about how long it took me to construct the first block, but after much practice, and several blocks later, I cut the time to finish a block to 1/4 of the original time:)

I quilted 1/4" from the edges (seamlines) of each buzzsaw...first time for that, too! Goodness, there was a lot of turning!!! But, being a lap sized quilt, I could handle it. The peiced top is made entirely from scraps from my stash.

It's going to a friend of DD's who gave me a couple expensive bags of worm castings a couple of years ago. (She worked at a worm compost farm.)

Closeup of Buzzsaws:


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Julie, It's just lovely. I've only done one or two blocks of paper piecing myself just this year and really enjoyed the process, but I've not tried to assemble an entire quilt top...I can only imagine it was a lot of turning! Looks great...i really like the dark border, it makes everything pop!

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I love it, It's very striking. I can imagine how much work it was. I've only done one pp project and it was a small wall hanging- I remember it seemed like a lot of work... lol. I love how you used scraps from your stash.

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You did a wonderful job. I like the scrappy look. It works very well together. PP is not one of my favorite things but appreciate the results. Very nice quilt and I know your DD friend will love it.

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Perfect! All I see is perfection, patience - which makes this a masterpiece!

Take a bow, take a bow.



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That is beautiful! It look so crisp and all the colors stand out. I've only done one PP but really enjoyed it and the perfect results.

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You did a beautiful job. This is the first quilt I've ever seen been traded for worm castings. rofl.

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I'd have made one for worm castings, too. Nice job. I learned how to PP at retreat and now I love it. Only do small things, though. You did a great job and can be proud.

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Love it! I love quilt blocks that tesselate and/or produce a secondary pattern.

What exactly are 'worm castings'? Sounds like a waste product you'd put in your garden...

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I just saw this pattern recently and have decided to do it for a baby quilt using kiddie prints. So it will be scrappy too.
I am not sure about the paper piecing part though. I have seen instructions for "regular" piecing. I will have to try both to see which I like better.
We have a facility about three blocks away which has worm castings for sale. My brother-in-law just last week brought me a trailer full and it has been liberally broadcast over the gardens.

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It's lovely.
Haven't tried paper piecing yet but I also thought it would take a lot of practice but be an enjoyable and more accurate way of piecing.
I like the idea that you used your scrap stash.
I am on a 'use-it-up' kick.....and scrappies have always been my favorite type of quilt.


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You did a wonderful job PPing. Don't you love the precision? I think the results are worth it. I appreciate the way you quilted the blocks. I prefer 1/4" from edge for me, instead of SITD. You really get to know your machine when you stitch 1/4" with a lot of turns~LOL~ Love the dark border fabric - the entire theme for a worm casings for your garden Thank you quilt -looks very earthy- rich garden like.

I love Paper Piecing. I have a big PP project that is
probably 3/4 pieced -- I really need to finish it.

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Julie, it's beautiful! Love the colors and the B&W border sets it off perfectly.

I love PP, though I don't do it often. Whenever I start it takes me a bit to get the ol' brain to work right for PP, then it goes smoothly and I really enjoy it.


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Thank you all, for your kind comments!

As I constructed the first block, the process was so slow, because I had trouble lining up the fabric to allow extra seam allowance, or I stitched a wrong side to a right side. I did a lot of ripping out on the first few blocks. But perseverance is the key, and practice makes perfect.

I hope to make another PP project someday with more intricate designs.

Theresa, you are so lucky to get a trailer-full of worm castings!

Jennifer, here's an explanation of worm castings:
I work it into each planting hole when adding new perennials to my gardens.

Donna, thanks for your comment on the borders. The inner border might look white and the outer border black on your monitors, but the colors are actually cream and navy blue (print).

Marsha, you are right about getting to know my machine while stitching 1/4" away from seams and turning corners! Don't look too close though, because the 1/4" is sometimes scant and sometimes closer to 3/8"! After a while I decided not to worry about an exact 1/4", but rather to relax my shoulders, enjoy the process, and use thread to match the buzzsaws. I don't think the recipient will notice the quilting inconsistencies anyway:)


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Really nice job!
I still have all the same issues you mentioned when doing paper piecing. The first block feels awkward and takes a long time. Then it becomes much easier and I can proceed much faster. it's worth the effort because the results are so crisp!


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I made a lap quilt PPing stars and once I can get a method going I'm OK. It can be a little tedious but I also love the accuracy.

I really like the quilt pattern you did a great job.

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