Winter pool cover

thegirlysSeptember 28, 2010

Hi all, looking at getting a winter saftely cover for pool. Looking @ the rugged/extreme mesh type. Got estimates from 2 people, one uses Meyco the other dover, is one better that the other?? Should I be looking for other brands?? any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you

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Meyco has been around a long time. They make a very fine line of products.

Every year, at a major trade show,the booth people seem to be a stable crew of the same people and that's good. I see they use similar construction techniques and materials that are strong and long lasting. I just get that feeling that says "I can't feel the love" every time I am at the booth. It's not anything more than that but it happens every time.

Dover tends to the "slightly less" crowd. You can take that any way and it still fits.

The skill of the installer is as important as the cover.


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I have never heard of dover, but Meyco does make a great product.
I have a Loop Loc the second one since 1974, so I can say those are also a fine product.

Personally I hate the pop up anchors,replaced with the screw type when I bought the 2nd cover 4 years ago.

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