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gingerjennyMarch 22, 2012

We have a realtor listing our house. We plan on lowing it dramatically if we can find something we want to buy. I want to move but frankly nothing on the market excites me at this time. there was a house that came on the market the first week we were selling that I would of bought so its not that i'm that picky. I just really want a turn key home as our second house.

Anyway, she has taken us to look at 5 different houses.

The last 2 houses did not have a bathtub which is something I must must have in the master. She knows this and showed us them anyway.

The last house without a tub she said "the next one we find with a tub is going to be your house!" well maybe it will be maybe it wont. I didn't like the pressure.

Anyway, I mentioned maybe we would build. I have looked at a lot of houses online and they are so bad i don't even want to see them in person. So she asked us to get a floorplan (which we already did) and she would forward it on to a builder she recommends. Okie dokie

I mentioned we had looked at a few lots but were unsure of the whole building thing when house prices were so low right now. We also heard that the builders hike up their prices when a realtor is involved.

She said its already built into their marketing budget.

Is that true? Some of these small time builders in the area I have my doubts they have marketing budgets.

I emailed her to ask her opinion on two different lots. Her reply in an email completely avoided my question and said she first needs to know if she is representing us for the build.

Should it matter if we are really using her to represent us? Building is an option. We may still buy if the right house comes up. She is also getting the commission of our current house.

The email rubbed me the wrong way. Felt like she didn't care really what we picked as long as she gets paid.

I understand its a business but really? I asked if she preferred one lot over another. pretty simple stuff really.

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So you asked her opinion on lots, but aren't sure if you will use her services if you decide to build and you are offended that she wants to clarify your business relationship? Do I have that right?

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Most of the small builders that I have known have had wives that were realtors, probably 80%. The rest usually had one realtor that they always listed with. I assume that 99.9% of builders include a realtor commission when they calculate their pricing/profits.

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No, we already told her we would probably use her but we wanted to clarify if it was really included already. I feel we are already employing her as we have our house listed with her and are looking to buy through her.

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We are in the same boat as far as selling, not seeing a house currently on the market that appeals to us, and thinking about building. We have not officially listed our house yet but we are working with a highly recommend agent although I have not got a warm and fuzzy from her yet. After a few more emails I will have to make my decision if I want to use her or not. I would think that realtors would be jumping through hoops and providing very personal service to get clients, but I guess that is not the case now a days. I am not interested in someone who is here to just collect a check.

Good luck with your realtor. Please keep us updated!

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It is very simple. Let her know your intentions of using her or not, for the build. If not, why should she spend time, energy and money doing the work? We don't get paid answering questions and hauling people around if they have no intention on using an agent.

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The way i see it is I already am using her to sell my house and she should be able to answer a few basic questions. Her response to answering one simple question makes me not want to use her even for my current house. That listing expires in 3 months and I have half a mind to let it expire and list with someone else just over this email. So, even though you don't get paid to answer a question.... you do get paid to have some basic customer service.

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Ginger, I can see what you are saying. You asked your realtor (who has your existing house listing) for some very simple, friendly advice. Rather than answering your question, she asks "am I getting paid for this?". I can understand why that would bother you. It would bother me too. I would not ask her for any more advice regarding building or land purchases (unless of course you DO want to pay her). You may not want to ask her to show any more existing houses, either.

I am not meaning to make the realtor out to be a total villian - I understand why people would not want to do things for free. It's just that when you build a relationship with a realtor, you expect a certain level of customer service, and even a certian level of friendship. If the realtor makes it quite obvious they are more interested in your money than they are in you - then that would offend me too.

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"The last 2 houses did not have a bathtub which is something I must must have in the master. She knows this and showed us them anyway".

This statement implies to me she is not providing the service you want to help you find your next house. This person is wasting your time. You should start interviewing a new realtor.

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I did not catch that she is currently your listing agent. Yes, she should be able to help you out by answering a simple question. Just keep in mind that when it comes time for her to get more involved with it, she will want to know if she will be involved all the way until the end. It's just business.

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You should speak to her. Sometimes tone and intent are lost and misinterpreted in an email.

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Cas that is exactly it. I am glad someone sees where i'm coming from.

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