blower or not

llamaSeptember 30, 2010

Our spa will be 7 ft. and have 6 jets. air intake will be 16 ft. from spa. The plumber says to go with a blower, the PB says it is not needed. What does everyone think?

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At 16 feet, it's going to take a little while for the jets to aspirate.

The blower can be added later if needed. Ensure the automation and power, if any is needed, has the capacity.


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Scott thanks, do you think the jets will be weak at 16 feet? Will a pump make them stronger? thanks again

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We have 8 jets on one blower, and 10 on the other. The blowers are about 75' from the spa.

I installed 2 Air Supply Silencer blowers. A 1hp and a 1.5 hp. just-a-pb and racket recommended them as the quietest, and they are very quiet, and they move a lot of air, so thanks for that.

But, I must say we hardly ever turn them on. We have an Intelliflo set at 70 GPM to the 10 jets, and a 1.5 hp whisperflo on the 8 jets. All the jets are Waterway, some rotate, but they are relatively small in flow demand. The point being if you have high velocity thru the jet, you will draw more air.

I plumbed the air to the pad with 2" pipe. And they have check valves, which help a lot to not let the pipes fill with water. Although I would recommend a Hartford loop (sort of an air trap), I wish I had used that.

PS. the blowers are quiet, but not silent. So the further the better.


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Thanks for the info, pb is putting a loop in and 21/2 inch pipe so i'm going to wait and see if we will need a blower

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