QOTD: Which type of block to you like to make?

nanajayneApril 13, 2011

There are many techiniques for making quilt blocks but some we like to do more then others.

My favorite is piecing with fabric cut to size using the sewing machine. Followed by applique, either hand or machine.

I dislike paper piecing.

There are those who like to piece by hand, with templates, etc.

Which are you?

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I piece by machine, chain piece if appropriate. I also like paper piecing and applique for smaller projects. I appreciate any shortcuts I come up with, however.

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Piecing by machine followed by hand applique. I'll piece by hand if necessary. I don't care for paper piecing either, Jayne.


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I will try most any technique but I'm just tellin' ya...Hand Applique and I are not friends!!

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I'm with tuppermom on this. The only hand work I like to do is the binding. I prefer to make blocks that can be chain pieced. If I am making a quilt with all the blocks the same, I chain piece all of them at the same time. (does that make sense?) What I mean is that I do the same step for all the blocks at the same time.
Linda OH

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In my short quilting life, I have found that I do not like making the same block over & over many times. I much prefer sewing different blocks ~ the variety of a "design"made up from different blocks and borders, but I am not a fan of "samplers". I love to Paper Piece, I don't mind machine applique....Hand work is hard on my hands and elbows, so I probably will never learn to hand applique - but maybe someday. My time is so limited to sew, everything is sewn by machine. I'm still in the learning stage, although many things have become automatic, I still have to think alot about what I am doing! I try to challenge myself in every quilt.

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I only machine-piece. I like foundation or paper piecing and I like needleturn applique. I haven't done much curved piecing b/c I haven't had good luck with it when I've tried. I guess that's something I should work on!


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I like piecing and chain piecing if possible! I have never been a big fan of hand work but I have been trying to have a project at work that I can do by hand during slow times and am starting to enjoy it more. For the most part I am too impatient to hand-stitch a block.

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I like machine piecing, especially strip piecing techniques. I also like machine applique. Just like most of the rest of you I don't care for hand applique or paper piecing.

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I'm another one that likes to machine piece blocks and I include chain piecing and strip piecing. I like the look of machine applique on blocks and borders, but I don't "do" hand applique. There are few sampler quilts that I go "wow" over. I'm now on my fourth or fifth quilt by the Nickel Squares method which I really like for the scrappiness of it, easy factor, and the wonderful results!


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I like to machine piece, but I try to do paper piecing and hand applique as well. I like different looks and so I am trying to learn different skill sets so I can do different designs. I am very slow with quilts since I work full time and have other hobbies. I do one or two a year, and they are not bed size quilts. Currently I am thinking of trying kaleidoscopes using Paula Nadelstern's methods.

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I only machine sew, the only hand sewing is the binding. I like to machine piece, and paper piecing. I don't like doing applique. I've never tried hand applique. I'm working on strip pieceing, for some reason that has been a challenge for me.

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I like to machine piece but do keep a hand work project going to carry with me when I travel. These are usually long term things and intended just to keep me occupied on trips (I can't stand to not be doing something). I love patterns that can be chain pieced and lean more toward "techniques" rather than complicated patterns. I am beginning to embrace paper piecing, but hand applique still gives me headaches.


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