First quilt!

phyllisb2008April 10, 2013

Hello All, I will be taking my quilt to my teacher tomorrow night and would love some opinions and thoughts on it. With a lot of Oops and hiccups I finished it.I think. Why I undertook a big quilt I'll never know but it was fun and will try it again but on a much smaller scale. I have never sewn a thing in my life not even a hem.... I used duct tape it was easier.Haha. I'm going to use the flowered pattern on the binding ( the one the Euro pillows are done in) and the lighter Blue that's in the stripes for the backing. I applicated the flowers on the bottom and was wandering if I need to put some kind of stitch around them or what? I'm glad I found this site because I love looking at all the quilts ya'll do and know I will get lots of ideas. I've always considered this a garden site which I've been looking at for years and have learned lots of things about gardening so I know I will learn about quilting now.

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Very beautifully done! I like the colors and the flowers do add a nice touch. The pillow are great too!

Welcome to your new addiction ;-) Hope you have plenty of room for fabric storage. It's great to keep you busy out of the planting season.


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Welcome to the best quilt addiction site. What a lovely modern quilt. I love the colors. If you straight stitch around the flowers just inside the edge they will fray a bit when washed and give a soft edge to them. Or you can zigzag around and cover the edge. If the quilt will be washed a lot I would certainly sew them in some fashion.


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Your quilt is beautiful. I like the colors and the geometric design.
Great job.


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Nice job on your first ever sewing project! I'm impressed.

Beverly is right, you should stitch around your appliqued flowers. If you zigzag around the flowers, make sure you have a lot of the flower fabric under your stitch. In other words, don't just catch a little bit of the fabric, rather make sure most of the zigzag stitches into the flowers. Here is a link to my troubles with zigzaging - hopefully this will help you avoid my mistakes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Trouble with applique

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tThank you all for the compliments and Lola I read the Trouble with Applique and that was one of the things that bothered me that the flowers would come loose or fall apart. I did use a fuseable but have never done a zigzag stitch I will have to practice and get my teacher to show me the how to's.
Lindab, addiction is a good word for it cause I'm hooked. My daughter-in-law talked me into a sewing class when they came home for a visit and the next thing I knew I had ordered a sewing machine and signed up for a quilting class and turned my guest room into a sewing room. What I actually need is someone to teach me how to use my machine and what all the pieces are for. I fiqure if I keep on trying all the things the manual says and listen to what ya'll tell me and go to my class I should have it all down in a hundred years or so. Thank you all and I'll let you know how it goes.

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Welcome to the quilt addiction...I hope you find it as fun as the rest of us! I like your modern quilt and I'm impressed this is the first item you have ever sewed...WOW!
You mentioned you are trying to learn your machine...not sure what machine you have, but a google search with your machine brand and your area should turn up a dealer. Dealers normally have classes so you can learn about all the fun stuff you can do with your machine.

Also...let me invite you to consider the quilt block's a great way to learn new blocks. First, it's optional to participate each month, so no pressure there. Every month Toolgranny will post a block design, provide the colors for block, you make 1, 2 or more, up to you; the blocks get mailed to me (littlehelen) by month end; at month end a random winner is pulled and the winner is the lucky receipent of all of the blocks submitted. I mail these off to the winner-almost an instant quilt. You can win 6, 12 blocks or 30 blocks...never know as it depends on the participation for that month ...but it's fun and I've found it to be a good method to practice techniques for new blocks.

Do a search on this site for Lotto and you can read about the process, see pics of what has been sent in etc.

sorry...did mean to do a sales pitch...but it is enjoyable!

Congratulations on your first's to many more!

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A block lotto sounds fun! Pleases keep in mind I've never done these except one in my first quilting class. are the instructions mailed out with i t? Sounds like it would be a good way to learn. I can start in the May lotto probably to late for this month especially since my machine is doing something crazy.I was learning how to applique in class Thursday and was almost thru with the second flower when the thread would not come out . Ipulled it out rethreaded it and even changed out the needle but nothing. It will sew a straight stich but none of the zigzags, Oh well I'll fix it sooner or later. Let me know what I need to do to get started. This is gonna be fun!! Thank you for telling me

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Welcome! I'd like to congratulate you on your quilt as it's quite lovely. Turned out far better than my first quilt, btw. It's very tasteful and looks oriental, actually. If this is your first machine, it sounds like you are starting your sewing avocation without previous biases and that may be a good thing. You won't have to unlearn some bad habits.

I am on quilt twenty five now in seven years. It was on my bucket list to make ONE quilt I'd carried the pattern around for decades. I had no instructions, nor teachers (actually I had no clue) and picked out one of the most difficult patterns you could do full of Y-seams. I found this site about the time I finished that and was hooked. The ladies (and a few brave men) here have been such an inspiration and generous with their knowledge.

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Phyllis...just watch for the lotto postings. Toolgranny will post the May Lotto on or about May 1...all the details are noted in the posting, you only need make a block or two following the instructions, mail it to me and wait to find out if you are the winner! It's really that simple. We do ask you to enclose a dollar in your mailing, just to cover postage to the winner, but that's all there is to it. Great group, we'd love to have more join in.
If you have more questions, just send me an email from my page. I'll respond asap.

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