Neighbor's pool equip really loud...need advice from pool owners!

lilydixieSeptember 21, 2011

We recently purchased our home and soon found out that our neighbor's pool equipment is extremely loud. So loud, that we can't sit in our backyard and have a conversation without shouting!

I'm unfamiliar with what type of equipment it is, but it comes on a couple of times a day for about 3-4 hours at a time. From what research I've done, it sounds like a bad bearing?

I thought I'd ask you guys what approach I should take without creating any bad feelings with our new neighbors. We've met them and they seem very nice. I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot! Thank you for your help!

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Best to be straightforward and knock on their door ask if there is a problem with the pool equipment because it seems very loud.
Pool pumps are normally pretty quiet. As a reference, they are normally quieter than the AC unit.
It could very well be a bad bearing.

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Hi Goyom, Thank you for posting those examples! It's higher pitched. More like this one...

I think you're right. I just hate any kind of confrontation. We were hoping they would fix it but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Is it possible that they could set this thing to just run at night or does it have to run during the day as well?

Here is a link that might be useful: noisy pool equip

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Have the cops tell the noisy neighbor. You can remain anonymous that way.


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I wish I could! But the way our houses are, it would be obvious it was us!

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Sounds like bad bearings and its maybe sucking air.

Tell your neighbor, its actually doing them a favor.
They need that pump serviced.

You shouldn't have to listen to that either.

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Lily, I think it needs to be forced. Use the cops anyway. If he thinks its OK the way it is, I can only imagine what's next from him. Its one thing to be humble but entirely different to be a door mat.


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This is not confrontation. It's part of being a courteous, considerate neighbor.
If that doesn't work then you can complain to the local city officials. There are usually some ordinances that indentify location of the equipment and noise levels.
It doesn't hurt anyone to have the discussion. Some people never go out to their equipment, especially if they use a pool service. They may not know there is a problem.
And yes, the timer can be set for anytime of the day.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I contacted our HOA and the neighbors are renting this property. Apparently the HOA has had some trouble with the owner responding to other issues with the property in the past. (Greaaat!)

We're going to talk to the neighbor this weekend. If we don't get the response we're looking for, the HOA will file a violation with the property owners.

Wish us luck! The noise is beginning to hurt my brain.....

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Invite them over and sit where the equiptment is the loudest. I did this with my neighbors extremely vocl dog and it worked.

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