Solid safety cover over bond beam? Pics?

PoolMD123September 14, 2012

We are confused how our solid safety cover will go over our 30 inch bond beam. Can you give us some advise or do you have a picture? Thanks!

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I would ask my pool builder.

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That depends on how wide the pool is and if there is anything behind the beam like decking.

As for the height, that might, if the pool isn't wide enough, create too large a gap between the water's surface and the underside of the cover. Water is needed to provide support for a snow load. This is true whether a solid or mesh cover is selected.

If there is nothing behind the raised wall, there could be a support issue for the anchors and straps.


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There is nothing behind the raised wall but dirt and grass. PB was going to use the stakes to attach the cover. He mentioned something to block the openings on the sides but I can't remember what.

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We have that situation and ours is staked into the dirt in back of the raised wall. We were told that having the cover placed like that voids the safety warranty on the cover because it can't hold up a heavy snow load. We had the snow pull 2 stakes out the second year we had the cover on. The cover didn't fall in the pool - just drooped in that area. We called and had them come out and re-stake. I'll try to get a picture when I get home from work tonight.

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Anchor in pipe assemblies with 2' of #5 rebar inside will give enough strength to deal with a flat pool and a raised wall or spa that is no more than 12" above the deck.

Yours is too high, IMHO, for an up and over cover. It should likely be cabled with wall anchors in the wall every two feet supporting the cable (stainless 3/16" minimum) and the cover attached to that at just over deck height.

If the wall has a facade cemented to it, long anchor bolts will be needed. The anchor should sit in either rock or gunite, not the facade. The longer anchor bolts need to reach the anchor and since it's in deeper, in this type of situation, works well.

If the wall is tile, drill a 1/2" hole in a grout line at the desired height with a glass bit in a drill before taking a small rotary drill and making the hole.

Fake rocks mad of dyed gunite should not be drilled more than an inch or so above the deck height. They may not have enough concrete backing them. When getting them built, specifying a 6" high by six inch depth base of concrete is needed to hold the anchor securely.

I prefer mesh covers as they tend to be lighter, presenting less stress on the anchor.


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