Using Condensation Water from HVAC to Fill Pool

auggie1020September 11, 2013

Hi All:

Does anyone see a problem with collection the condensation from the HVAC lines in a rain barrel type container and using that water to re-fill pool when it is low. My concern is that the chemical balance of this water might be off a bit, but was just wondering if anyone had a bit more knowledge about this. Thanks.

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I would want to test that water before putting it in the pool. My main concern would be that it just wouldn't be nice clean water and may well collect a decent amount of dirt/dust along with it.

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We fill our pool from our 1500gal underground cistern that collects all the rainwater from the roof. Yes, we get some dirt and stuff, but that's why we put in chemicals and have a filter and a vacuum.

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Open up your evaporator coil in the attic sometime and wipe the inside floor base, it will have organic slime aka algae.
I would not recommend this manner of generating make up water.
On my pool I keep a 2" threaded cleanout plug in the female threads of my overfolw and trap rainwater. if it rains so much that the level attempts to touch the morter base of my coping I release about a half an inch and keep the extra 2 1/2" over my normal water level of an unplugged overflow grate.

C9, I like your idea for regular sized pools.
Mine is to large, I don't think 1500k would even raise my level a quarter inch.

See ya,

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I have been draining my AC condensation into my Koi pond for many years. It does a great job keeping it filled and the quality of the water is fine. You should clean the pan once a year by wiping with bleach and letting bleach run down the drain pipe.

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