My 'One Block' Crazy Quilt

dan_the_mailmanApril 23, 2012

Phew! (wiping brow) My One Block Crazy Quilt is finished! A while back I was going through my fabric stash and found a number of pieces made of blocks I'd already sewn together. I decided to use them up in one big project. I like to use the batting with quilted fabric on both sides, so with that as my base, I cut up the already sewn pieces and pinned them to the batting. My idea was to make a crazy quilt, but instead of making individual crazy blocks, I'd do the whole quilt as one big, huge block. Yesterday I finished sewing the pieces onto the quilt, and today I did the binding. I won't need to do any quilting because I did that as I sewed the pieces onto the quilt. I had some help from my two cats, Bump and Stella, along the way, but now we can all use our new quilt!

Here are a few pictures of my results. I couldn't find a place big enough in the house to hang it and get it all in one picture, but here are some pix for you all...

Top Left Corner

Top Right Corner

Bottom Right Corner

Bottom Left Corner

Some close-ups...

And lastly, me walking with it over my shoulder...

Things I Learned From This Project:

1) Pins are SHARP! (and I've the scratches to prove it!)

2) It was a lot of fun and hard work, and though I might do it again, it won't be for a long while.

3) Large patches make for less work.

4) It's good to take breaks.

And now, on to the two medallion quilts I've started!


p.s. Almost forgot this picture of Stella testing the quilt...

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that looks like so much fun. Good for you.

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Dan, what a great quilt! And a great use of those leftover pieces.

You know it's a winner when the cat approves it. :) (Oh, yeah, I forgot cats will lie on anything you lay down LOL. Especially if you are working on it.)


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Sounds like good lessons learned! I especially like "its good to take breaks". I need to remember that one!

Its a very creative quilt - and i'm glad you had fun!

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I think it's great and I love how you mixed diagonal pieces with straight ones (how you accomplished it I'll never understand, but it's really cool)... Glad to know that kind of batting exists.... I'd never heard of it before.


Breaks are important... I know it's so easy to get engrossed in the project and lose track of time, so it's good that you realized that...

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That looks like a really fun quilt! It gives me a happy feeling just looking at it. How big is it?


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Dan, I love the way you just go for it. You just get an idea, and then run with it. Your quilt is bright, colorful, cheerful and beautiful. Bump and Stella must be good helpers too. Nice job.

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I LOVE it! Don't hate it when your cat steals the credit like that? Stella looks all pooped out like she did the work but we know better!

That's a lot of quilting you've done. What a fun quilt.

Can't wait to see your next projects!


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Sharon, the length is approximately 90", and the width is about 120-130", I'm not sure. I tried it out last night and am seriously contemplating about crawling back beneath it instead of going to work. I'll go though, but I'll be back beneath it tonight! LOL!

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Dan, I'll just bet you do feel that way! I feel like that myself and I'm retired! lol We're having a cold spell here - not even 50* this morning. brrrr Those cozy quilts give comfort in all kinds of ways.


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I do like the scrappy look, Dan, and yours is beautiful! I like the idea of using what you have on hand, too. Not sure how you sewed those when corners don't match, but I have a lot to learn.

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What a wild, crazy, creative, whacky and wonderful quilt!!! Enjoy it.

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What a fun way to use up all those lonely blocks. They are now part of one big happy crazy family:)

I am now feeling guilty about buying so much new fabric when I have BINS full of scraps! I should really stay away from a fabric store for at least a year.

Yup, taking breaks is a must! I found that doing stretching exercises is good for the back and neck muscles.



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Bev, look up the instructions to make a regular-sized block for a crazy quilt. That's all I did, on a larger scale. The square blocks and such which appear in my quilt are there because they were part of a larger piece I'd already sewn together, months or years ago. I just treated them as one solid piece, and put them onto my "block".

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I am particularly drawn to old-fashioned traditional 'use what you have' quilts, so your's strikes my fancy. You did a nice job. I am also particularly drawn to fluffy cats who follow their humans around and lay on their quilts. Pat Stella for me.

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"Full of fun and fancy free", that is what comes to mind when I see your creation. It must be fun to look at the different parts and remember where they came from. Reminds me of a crumb quilt but with blocks. TFS

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