help! white palster vs color plater (Salt water system).

kjsalgaSeptember 28, 2012


Is there any reason why not to choose a colour plaster (i.e grey)for our new salt water swimming pool?

We were just going to go with white plaster, however, it was suggested to us to go with gray. We have have done a lot of research and we find mottling is the biggest complaint but we are not so sure this is a bad thing. We have read that gray plaster will offer a deeper colour of blue, should I be concern about calcium or other issues showing more because we will have salt water system ?

Any opinions and/or suggestions would be absolutely appreciated. This is our first pool and we are feeling a bit intimidated. We live in San Diego so we don't know if our water and climate will play a roll for the decision.



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Salt really has no bearing on it at all, with color or no color.

Colored plaster will have mottling, it will show more where their is crazing cracks ect. The darker the plaster the more of this you can expect. If your ok with that and want darker blue water then go that route.
Gray makes blue water, darker grey makes darker blue till you get to dark then it is just black.

There are many Plaster like products out their that have additives, pozzolans ect to make the product very hard, and last a long time. The one I like is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finest finish

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Thank you. What is crazing? Visible cracks doesn't sound good. Mottling is fine, but...

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We love our gray plaster. The water looks amazing and I think the marble like "mottling" is beautiful.

Is your pool more of a classic pool? I think white is more of a classic look and gray looks good in the lagoon or natural pools. Look at lots of pics and choose the water color you like!

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A lightish gray is very nice. Don't go too dark, but light gray is definitely nicer than the white.

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We just built a salt water pool and went with the gray plaster. We had told our builder we wanted it to look as blue as possible. When he said gray plaster I looked at him like he was crazy and he said gray plaster makes the water look blue. He was right. It looks great. We also installed a color LED light system that is awesome. You can make your pool light up in several colors including multiple hues of blue. It also has preprogrammed light shows which are amazing. Highly recommended.

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The blue color of a pool is primarily a reflection of the sky.


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