How do I get rid of acorns in the pool?

helouSeptember 13, 2012

This year one of our oak trees reached a "critical" height, and we suddenly have acorns, loads of them falling into our pool just about every day. I don't think the aquabot would be able to suck them up, and even if it did, it would fill up right away after picking up just a small amount.

Any suggestions (we'll definitely be getting that tree trimmed!) besides daily scooping with a net? My husband and I both work and adding this to our daily routine is just too much, but I don't want to be stuck with stains.

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We have the same problem with pears falling in our pool. That tree will be going bye-bye whenever we can afford to have it removed. Pears are big enough to scoop with our Leaf Rake (we like this so much more than a skimmer, I cannot even tell you). The best leaf rakes have a scooped piece of plastic around the trim that helps scoop along the pool, and you can use that to get your acorns.

Or you might get a Big Sucker Leaf Vacuum - I got one at my pool store and I think it's a common item. It's only about $20-30 or so and right in our budget. You hook it up to your hose and it has excellent suction and a large wide mouth that could easily get acorns I think. Also works great when we did our spring opening (we don't have a cover so had a brown swamp) or when you have a large volume of leaves.

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Thanks. We alredy have a leaf bagger (venturi?) so we'll give that a shot.

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Chainsaw or a pack of squirrels.

Your choice.


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