Ozone & Clear Vision Purifier

mojobarSeptember 8, 2011

Would like to know if anyone has experience or knowledge of the Ozone & Clear Vision Purifying System? We are getting DE filter and instead of salt water or a chlorine generator, we have been offered this Ozone system, which I cannot seem to find too much information about on the internet. It is for a gunite pool. PB does NOT recommend salt water system.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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What you describe, Ozone and Vision, will not satisfy all your needs. You will need to use a sanitizer, Chlorine of at least .5 to 1 ppm.
Ozone works. Has no residual killing power. No way for you to measure effectiveness.
Clear Vision is most likely some combination of copper/silver minerals. Again, it's not easily measureable for its effectiveness.
Chlorine is most effective sanitizer and easily measureable with a test kit.
"salt water or a chlorine generator"... chlorine generators work by converting the salt in the pool water into chlorine. Simplified, Cl is removed from the salt NaCl.
Main point to keep in mind is that you will need Chlorine in some form even with ozone and/or minerals.

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PB does NOT recommend salt water system.

This is because its easier for the PB, not necessarily you.
Most folks I know that had a proper pool school with a real trainer absolutely love their salt pool. There can be issues with natural stone and salt, so it can require sealing etc.

Do your research and have them install what you want.

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Residential pools really don't gain a lot with ozone. The gallonage is too small, the turnover too slow usually, and bather load too light. On a 250,000 commercial facility, the situation is usually a bit different because the scale and ozone can be a significant assist for sanitation.

Clear Vision, rings a bell and I can't for the life of me remember why. I think its what some special N2 cartridge name. It still add metal ions, usually copper and silver, neither of which has the quick kill time of chlorine. I am not a fan as it does little and cartridges cost you once or twice a year.

If Clear Vision is an electronic device that doesn't produce chlorine or bromine, watch out. the products may add copious amount of copper, to the point of staining, create hydrogen peroxide, which only effects the return flow from the filter.

Did you know that it takes more than 4 turns of the pool's water to have filtered all the water at least once? That's once in a few days for exposing the water to the peroxide. A lot of things can happen to water from the time it was exposed to the peroxide till it is return, up to 3 days later.In the mean time, the water is in the pool with only, is some copper ions, which help some against algae but does next to nothing against any pathogens.

The underlying reason a PB may offer these systems and then play the warranty game is profit. If he says he won't recommend using a salt cell, suggest he learn to build a better pool and show him the door.


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