No More Wide Flannel At Wally World?

ritaweedaApril 29, 2012

We have a Walmart that still sells fabrics on the bolt, of course it isn't the one nearest to me. So I wanted to get some wide flannel there, I ran out of my stash to finish a backing. They were always the only place where I could find it. Drove all the way over there and none. Nada. I'm not sure if they were temporarily out or just discontinued it, I didn't bother asking the poor old man that works that department, he never knows anything and he has to go back and forth from the fabrics to the paint department. And they didn't have anything in the regular width flannels that would work. Not even Joann's carries it. I could go online but I'm one of those dinosaurs that is paranoid to buy online. What a bummer. So now I have to go and buy the regular yardage. I could use other scraps that I have but they wouldn't fit the colors scheme that I had in mind.

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Hi Rita,

I'm in Ontario, Canada. Our store only has those fabric bundles now. No more fabric at all really. We have a Fabricland which I shop at. If I'm doing a super special project I sometimes order stuff online but even now that's getting too expensive for me.

I don't know why they stopped having a fabric department.

I agree it's a bummer.

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Rita, Can you check Walmart online and ask about it? Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets results. I'll check around here to see what they have but our Walmart just moved 3 miles further south.....north of Brooksville on Cardinal.


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Sharon, I sent an email, we'll see. The one near me doesn't have the bolts of fabric anymore, either. They have pre-cuts only. My biggest beef is that the other Walmart was the only place around with the wide flannels.

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Rita, I know you said you don't buy anything on line, but I found lots of wide flannels at I've been ordering from them for years and have never had a problem, either with the orders or with electronic payment.

If it concerns you to use a credit card directly with an on-line company, check out PayPal. You can use their super secure site to make payments to almost any company so only one place has your information. PayPal is a very handy resource.

Not trying to talk you into anything! Just wanted you to know I've never had a problem with


Here is a link that might be useful: 108

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I also buy from - very happy with their customer service, and their fabric.

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I know that it's online, I've googled it. I'm just one of those old dinosaurs that doesn't trust online with my money! LOL! I need to get over it. I've thought about checking into one of those prepaid credit cards, I need to find out how that works. I'll ask my son about Paypal, I know he's used it.

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I once used a nice flannel sheet from Wally World for a backing. Maybe that is helpful to you.

Link below is for wide flannel...enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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oh, one more:
Connecting Threads....


Here is a link that might be useful: Connecting Threads

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